Tosa Farmers Market

In the foodie world, everything old is new again, and micro farms like Wauwatosa’s Aromatic Acres are prepared to educate people in rediscovering culinary classics. more


Thanks to Press., Milwaukeeans can enjoy the unique European delicacy known as Belgian Liège waffles at farmers markets or catered events. more


A profile of Sue Knutson and her expanding, gluten-free cookie shop, The Naked Baker. more


Hawthorne Coffee Roasters offers java expertise; a quirky, comfortable ambiance; and superb light and dark roasts. more



Maggie Vaughn / Shepherd Express

By “vintage dining” I don’t mean taking a chance on last week’s leftovers. Rather, thenext few weeks around Milwaukee hold a handful of culinary events, each of which bears an interesting relationship to the past. Bon appétit!The Brown Bottl.. more

Around MKE

In a region so well known for a love of bratwurst, it may be hard for a newcomer to carve out a place of recognition. Peruse the aisle of local grocery stores, and you’ll more

Dining Preview

Five artists—James Barany, Jill Casid, Stephen Hilyard, Chele Isaac and Sabine Gruffat—use fresh innovations to challenge the concept of “new” and “old” media in the Charles Allis Art Museum’s exhibit “New M more

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