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For those of us who measured a trip to Rome in the number of meals and not nights, she suddenly appeared to be a necessary kind of authority figure. Read more


There’s a reason chefs, foodies, fans, all of us, really, can’t help themselves with Bourdain. And the desire feels even deeper still with writers. Read more


Colleen DuVall takes a trip to Dear Meadow. Read more

Off the Beaten Path

Hey there hi there ho there, Off-the-Beaten-Path fans! It'sbeen a spell, but I'm back. Usually I cover remote or little known places inthe surrounding Milwaukee areas where you can escape to for a quick getaway.But since this blog is entit.. Read more

Off the Beaten Path

Austin, Texas-based graphic artist Brian Shreckengast recentlycreated an infographic for www.selfstorage.comshowing how many countries could fit inside Wisconsin based on square mileage.“I've always been interested in how 2-D map representati.. Read more

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It’s got a plot with shades of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Red Dwarf and every cheesy pulp-era space exploration story that had been so lovingly ripped-off by the Star Trek franchise. It’s called Ten Thousand Moons.. Read more


Photo Courtesy of Byronv2, Flickr CCI’ve always wanted to go on a month long backpacking triparound Europe. My brother has done one, and I have a cousin who has lived inEurope for the past three years. I’m not as fortunate. I’ve onl.. Read more

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Sundaydrives with AJ Page find me heading west these days. For one reason or another,we keep winding up in Watertown. Or the surrounding areas. (See my October postof Sandhill Station State Campground in Lake Mills, and a forthcoming blog onJo.. Read more

Off the Beaten Path



Whatis it about a country road? These lonely highway markers beckon to me like noother. You can get lost on them for hours – and discover obscure unincorporatedtowns, unvisited county parks, or simply pleasant scenery. My faithfulcompanion, AJ.. Read more

Off the Beaten Path

TheHobNob has been a featured guest in Ron Faiola's "Wisconsin Supper Clubs:An Old-Fashioned Experience" book, but there's a good chance a fewMilwaukeeans are unaware of this tucked-away primo spot. On our recent Sundaydrive, AJ Page and I dec.. Read more

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Youcan change lives—including your own—by serving with the Peace Corps, aone-of-a-kind international, life-changing organization that works at agrassroots level to tackle pressing issues around the globe. More than 215,000Americans have volunt.. Read more

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Folks—I’ve got aproblem. I’m going throughGov. Scott Walker’s use of the state plane this year. And I’m scratching myhead over his whereabouts on March 14, 2013. The plane leftMadison with a security guy and Walker’s deputy chief of staf.. Read more

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Wisconsinites havegotten precious little information about the travels of Gov. Scott Walker. Weknow from second-hand sources that he’s constantly crisscrossing the country ashe sets up a run for president in 2016 (and, oh yeah, get re-elected g.. Read more

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The next time you're zooming along I-94 between Milwaukee and Chicago, take the time to discover... Read more

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No need to scrap your summer vacation because of budget-guzzling gas prices. These nine good-value options won't drain the tank. Free attractions are noted; others require a reasonable fee or donation. Read more

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“It’s not easy being green,” Kermit the frog once lamented, but many Kermit’s cousins don’t face those difficulties since frogs come in a wide variety of colors beyond just green, including vivid blues, deep reds and all shad Read more

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Join Casablanca (728 E. Brady St.) for their annual Christmas Party starting at 9pm on December 25! Featuring the sounds of DJ Yusuf and DJ Shik. Drink specials will include: $5 Patron Shots, $4 Rails, $3 Domestic and $100 Bottles of Absolu... Read more

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My family celebrated Thanksgiving early this year. If your family is anything like mine, you can expect to have at least one dinnertime conversation about the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport rules regarding pat-down... Read more


One of the most notoriously unlucky bands in metal, King’s X was never quite able to find the stardom their followers believed they deserved. A could-have-been breakthrough single in 1989, “Over My Head,” was inexplicably ignored by MTV Read more

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Renaissance Theaterworks opens its season this week with Reasons to Be Pretty, the final chapter in contemporary playwright Neil LaBute’s thematic trilogy about society’s obsession with physical appearance.A few local companies produced the... Read more