Native New Yorker and onetime Milwaukeean John Kruth serves another sonic smorgasbord with his band, TriBeCaStan. The surprises never cease on Goddess Polka Dottess, which bears the influences of Near Eastern trance music, psychedelia, jazz... Read more

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AIDS WalkWisconsin will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a very special honorarychair—TimGunn, ProjectRunway’s mentorextraordinaire. TimGunn’s a busy man. He’s promoting PR’s 13th season, just completed a manuscripton his life as an ed.. Read more

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It takes an orchestra to constitute the musical republic called TriBeCaStan, but the New York group has two multi-instrumental anchors—Jeff Greene and onetime Milwaukeean John Kruth. On their fourth album, TriBeCaStan weave together an orga... Read more

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The boundaries of TriBeCaStan continue to expand. On New Deli, the musical republic's third album, TriBeCaStan unfurls its flag against a lilting Caribbean breeze (“Song for Kroncha”) before sailing onto the stranger seas of free jazz and Read more

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The Wisconsin Badgers finished No. 7 in the AP poll and No. 8 in the Coaches poll.Their Rose Bowl opponent TCU finished second overall.The Badgers were jumped by Ohio State, who ended up No. 5 overall in both polls.Despite the already announced.. Read more

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When John Kruth lived in Milwaukee, he had little trouble finding a few musicians whose wide-ranging tastes in ethnic music and rock matched his own. Back home in New York City, however, Kruth found musical soul mates on nearly every corner... Read more

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It's a snapshot of New York, the photo of TriBeCaStan on the back cover of the duo's CD de Strange Cousin ,CD Reviews Read more

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