Trimborn Farm


Top: Marta Pan, Floating Sculpture No. 3, 1972. Photo credit: Rick Ebbers/McDill Design / For the rest: Thinkstock / Maggie Vaughn

It’s disguised,but you can still hear traces of the etymology of the term “heritage” in theword itself, and this trace casts light on the word’s meaning. Long storyshort: a heritage is that which is inherited.Wisconsinites are the unknowing.. Read more

Happening Now

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a startlingly concise political drama that stands as one of the great works of 20th-century fiction. The Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Read more


Thereare always strange, little impressions of a theater show that don’t quite fitinto the narrative of a standard theater review. These ancillary details areparticularly numerous in shows that are staged outside the conventions of atraditiona.. Read more


Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre will close out its second season with Brian Rott’s original theatrical adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Rott, Quasimondo’s founding artistic director, will also be directing the show that he s... Read more


The largest of Milwaukee’s ethnic festivals, German Fest this year features dancers, polka, costumes, games of sheepshead, mask-carving activities, a blacksmith and genealogist, and almost criminally adorable dachshund races, but Read more

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