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Vincent VanGREAT teamed with a slew of veteran Milwaukee rap artists for his debut album UnGREATful. more

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The clock works against players in most classic video games. Any moment they’re not collecting coins, completing... more

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"Umbrella Music Group Releases a New Mixtape" isn't exactly a novel headline at this point. UMG has been one of city's most prolific rap collectives for years now, and certainly one of the most consistent. The group's latest free mixtape, though, .. more

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Milwaukee rapper Yo-Dot’s new mixtape, Dot Balistrerri, opens with a Godfather-esque orchestral interpolation of the infamous “you can’t stop me now” riff from The Whatnauts’ “Message From A Black Man,” before erupting a half minute later into the.. more

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Milwaukee's most productive rap collective, Umbrella Music Group continues to release a stream of free new music on its Web site every month. The latest is Both Sides of the Mirror, a mixtape from UMG's Misen Lync, the trio comprised of rappers T... more

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When the Clash recorded "Rock the Casbah," they probably didn't think their call to upend the Middle East status quo would be covered by a singer with ties to an actual Casbah. An Algerian born singer living in Paris, Rachid Taha gained att... more

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Soaring unemployment. A plummeting stock market. Economic recession with no end in sight. Things don't get any better for business brokers,The New Economy more

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Though the vocal group has explored other topics on their infrequent studio albums, Rockap Christmas ,Today in Milwaukee more

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