The Underground Collaborative

In a city without comedy clubs, Matt Kemple has filled the gap. Read more


Door Kinetic Arts Festival has more than a dozen films in its lineup—including works by international filmmakers and cinematic artists right here in Wisconsin. Read more

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Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; literally, in the case of The Underground Collaborative’s Hand to God. Read more



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In The Constructivists’ 'To Fall in Love,' a young couple makes a last attempt to save their relationship by taking an intimacy survey developed by a psychology professor. Read more


Highlighting this week’s arts’ scene, The Constructivists beckon you To Fall in Love at The Underground Collaborative, and the Festival City Symphony plays music of Aaron Copland in Pabst Theater. Read more

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For one weekend only, Theatre Nervosa staged an intimate production of Will Eno’s one-person drama Thom Pain (based on nothing). Read more




Pure Enough to Drink is a play based on true-life events; it’s the story of its author, Alex Hoffmann—father of a young man who dies from a heroin overdose. Read more

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Highlighting this week’s performing arts’ scene, PAW Patrol Live! embarks (pun intended) upon an adventure in Miller High Life Theatre, and Winterdances: Refuge takes refuge in UWM’s Mainstage Theater. Read more

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SNL alum Finesse Mitchell will be plying his stand-up comedy versatility for a two-show stand at 7 and 9 p.m., Jan. 26 under the auspices of Bonkerz Comedy Productions. Read more


Milwaukee Metro Voices’ next concert is a revue of music by their creative director, local composer Jason Powell. Read more

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Dear Ruthie shares her advice to avoid holiday stress and give you a peek of her social calendar in the greater Milwaukee area. Read more

Dear Ruthie


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Voices Found Repertory continues along the revenge drama theme, following Titus Andronicus, with the once-controversial Greek classic Medea. Read more


One of antiquity’s most notorious legends comes vividly into life in Euripides’ greatest play, Medea, first produced in 431 BCE and being produced locally by Voices Found Repertory. Read more

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The Constructivists stage an intimate basement production of Martin McDonagh’s interrogation drama The Pillowman. Read more


Shane Mauss combines the best of both worlds, the fun and light-hearted tone of a comedy show with the intelligence of a science discussion. Read more


The festival features some of the best professional comedy acts from across the country—including stand-up, sketch and improvisational comedy routines—in incredible Milwaukee venues. Read more

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Last Saturday at Underground Collaborative, actors involved in some of Company of Strangers' productions and others from far away as Oshkosh put on an uproarious night of juried risk-taking. Read more




Voices Found Repertory stages a brief and intense production of Shakespeare’s MACBETH in the Underground Collaborative this month. Read more



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Coming up this week in Milwaukee’s performing arts scene are Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s Always… Patsy Cline (March 23-May 20), Voices Found Repertory’s Macbeth (March 22-31) and Ex Fabula’s StorySlam, TMI (March 22). Read more



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This week’s theatrical openings in the greater Milwaukee area are highlighted by Dael Orlandersmith’s one-woman show, Until the Flood, and Off the Wall Theatre’s modern interpretation of The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus. Read more

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