The Underground Collaborative


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Outskirts Theatre offers a two-person drama using the 9/11 attacks as a backdrop for complex emotional development. Read more



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This production of 'Henry V' has no set time period, giving the play a jolt of youthful exuberance with modern-looking dress, hair styles and even a bag of Cheetos. Read more


This week, First Stage’s Young Company—a training program for advanced high school actors—performs Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale as their first “Performance Project” of the season. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

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Artist: Lev Cantoral

The Chicago-based stand up is glad to explain the difference between geeks and nerds to the rest of us. Read more



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This week, Theatre Gigante offers a modern-day take on a centuries-old play by John Gay, and The Constructivists present Sam Shepard’s self-described “take-off on Republican fascism.” Read more

Performing Arts Weekly


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Fittingly austere sets, costumes and acting make this performance of Doubt: A Parable by A Company of Strangers powerful. Read more


Here's a comprehensive list of all of the theater performances scheduled for Fall 2019 in Milwaukee. Read more

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Want to get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes? Find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

In a city without comedy clubs, Matt Kemple has filled the gap. Read more


Door Kinetic Arts Festival has more than a dozen films in its lineup—including works by international filmmakers and cinematic artists right here in Wisconsin. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly


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Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; literally, in the case of The Underground Collaborative’s Hand to God. Read more



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In The Constructivists’ 'To Fall in Love,' a young couple makes a last attempt to save their relationship by taking an intimacy survey developed by a psychology professor. Read more


Highlighting this week’s arts’ scene, The Constructivists beckon you To Fall in Love at The Underground Collaborative, and the Festival City Symphony plays music of Aaron Copland in Pabst Theater. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly


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For one weekend only, Theatre Nervosa staged an intimate production of Will Eno’s one-person drama Thom Pain (based on nothing). Read more




Pure Enough to Drink is a play based on true-life events; it’s the story of its author, Alex Hoffmann—father of a young man who dies from a heroin overdose. Read more

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Highlighting this week’s performing arts’ scene, PAW Patrol Live! embarks (pun intended) upon an adventure in Miller High Life Theatre, and Winterdances: Refuge takes refuge in UWM’s Mainstage Theater. Read more

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SNL alum Finesse Mitchell will be plying his stand-up comedy versatility for a two-show stand at 7 and 9 p.m., Jan. 26 under the auspices of Bonkerz Comedy Productions. Read more


Milwaukee Metro Voices’ next concert is a revue of music by their creative director, local composer Jason Powell. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

Dear Ruthie shares her advice to avoid holiday stress and give you a peek of her social calendar in the greater Milwaukee area. Read more

Dear Ruthie


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Voices Found Repertory continues along the revenge drama theme, following Titus Andronicus, with the once-controversial Greek classic Medea. Read more