The Shepherd Express’ shrink pans a response to a reader who fears that her new boss may be on the path towards firing her. more

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For progressives in Wisconsin, the saddest finding in the latest Marquette University pre-election poll wasn’t that Republican Gov. Scott Walker had a very slight lead in what is still a toss-up race more

Taking Liberties 14 Comments

What in the world was President Barack Obama doing two days after his State of the Union address braving the wilds of Waukesha County, one of America’s most virulent centers of more

Taking Liberties

Recently, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch led a closed-door roundtable discussion about taxes with some business leaders in Beloit.After viewing footage of the meeting obtained by One Wisconsin Now, we can see why Kleefisch and the Walker admini... more

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It was bound to happen. With Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan stubbornly—and incorrectly—insisting government has to reduce spending for absolutely everything, eventually his vicious cuts were going to become too much even for many Republica... more

Taking Liberties


Irene Kightley

The Victory Garden Initiative (VGI) was formed by a group of friends and neighbors meeting in a coffee shop after a rally for edible front yard gardens in Shorewood. VGI’s (1845 N. Farwell Ave.) mission is to build communities more


More than half of Milwaukee County’s African-American men in their 30s and half of those in their early 40s have served time in state prison, according to a new report by John Pawasarat and Lois M. Quinn at UW-Milwaukee’s more

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An estimated 1,200 low-income and uninsured military veterans won’t be eligible for BadgerCare coverage, thanks to Gov. Scott Walker’s refusal to expand Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). more

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Milwaukee’s alleged skills gap problem has been discussed so often that it’s been accepted as an article of faith.But a new UW-Milwaukee analysis of the local labor market casts doubt on the argument that the city lacks skilled more

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Unemployment is still too high, income is still too low and the recovery is still much too slow—but the United States is faring considerably better than other developed nations against the threat of a renewed recession... more

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Gov. Scott Walker, futilely arguing against a recall attempt that has the support of a million Wisconsinites, has just offered up his latest TV ad, which, like his previous ads, is full of lies. In “Promises Kept,” Walker speaks directly... more

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In the April 3 general election, residents of Milwaukee's central city will decide the fate of one of the city's most powerful men, Common Council President Willie Hines Jr. Hines is facing a challenge from Milwaukee County Supervisor... more

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Last week Gov. Scott Walker announced his new jobs bill, along with a special session of the state Legislature in which to fast-track it. But don't be fooled by Walker's sudden concern for the state's jobless. He couldn't be less sincere..... more

Issue of the Week 22 Comments Division I Women's Poll September 27, 2010 Read more: more

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The only bigger waste of time than the endless previews of the NFL draft is the endless analysis of the selections. The best answer to any "what'll happen" question in sports is, "We'll see." But that's especially true when the questio more

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Some low-income Milwaukee women were able to boost their wages by 62% just by earning back What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,News Features more

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The airwaves are saturated with dozens of banalsinger-songwriters and emo bands, so its curious that Dashboard Confessionaland frontman Chris Carrabba, one of the more harmless of the lot, has sparkedsuch an venomous army of detractors. Sure, Car... more

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A group of friends met at a pizza place in Kenosha in early 1992. There they started plans that ultimately developed into The Midwest Children’s Theatre. The educational theatre group has worked extensively with area schools over the years. The.. more