If the 1978 makeover for the Milwaukee Brewers was an effort to help the team form its own identity, the 1994 “rebranding" was part of the franchise’s fight for survival. 1993 had been an awful year for the team. Riding high after a surprise.. Read more

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Adidas earlier announced that the Badgers would be wearing special uniforms for the Rose Bowl. Because they are the "away" team for the game, the Badgers will be wearing white jerseys.A jersey has been being sold at various outlets for the past 1.. Read more

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Conceptualism and Minimalism dominated the art world in the 1960s and '70s. In the '80s, however, artists returned to the figure, working expressively and expansively on mammoth canvasses. The Milwaukee Art Museum's Figurative Prints: 1980s... Read more

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