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In So Famous and So Gay: The Fabulous Potency of Truman Capote and Gertrude Stein, Jeff Solomon seeks to understand the work of Truman Capote and Gertrude Stein, and their popularity, by reference to a “queer aesthetic." more

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For defining the anguish of society’s outsiders with his 1955 poem “Howl," Allen Ginsberg became a characteristic voice of the Beat generation. First Thought: Conversations with Allen Ginsberg, edited by Michael Schumacher, collects 18 i... more

May 16, 2017 2:52 PM Books

Kenosha writer Michael Schumacher has become Wisconsin’s foremost historian of the Great Lakes. While doing research for a book, he came upon an obscure, long out of print title by Midwest author Mary Frances Doner (1893-1985)—The Salvager:... more

Apr 25, 2017 3:48 PM Books

Steampunk began as an undercurrent in fantasy literature. Soon, a subculture grouped around its varied visions of an alternate Victorian-Edwardian world. The essays in Like Clockwork: Steampunk Pasts, Presents, & Futures examine the phenome... more

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Published in Rolling Stone and The Village Voice, Jim Walsh, the Minnesota writer-musician, is a good and heartfelt essayist and memoirist. A cross-section of his work is collected in Bar Yarns and Manic Depressive Mix Tapes, and despite th... more

Nov 22, 2016 2:21 PM Books

Somepeople, especially the professional complainers of political correctness, havecalled “The Little Rascals” racist. In consequence, many episodes from thisseries of short movies from the 1930s have been shelved or censore.. more

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Oneof the pleasures of Kiss the Blood Off My Hands: On Classic Film Noir (published by University of Minnesota Press) is Philippa Gates’ essay, “TheFemale Detective in Film Noir.” The Canadian film studies professor sets out torevise assump.. more

Nov 25, 2014 1:21 PM I Hate Hollywood

 Japanese cartoons, or manga, are the primarysource for that nation’s distinctive genre of animated film, anime. Edited byFrenchy Lunning, Tezuka’s Manga Life (University of Minnesota Press) is an essay collection on the work of th.. more

May 7, 2014 2:13 PM I Hate Hollywood

 Hollywood’sinfamous casting couch wasn’t just for actresses. Some actors advanced along thesame route via the industry’s influential, closeted gays. Long timeentertainment journalist Robert Hofler, in his tell-all The Man Who Inve.. more

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 Anime,the distinctly Japanese genre of animation, is inherently subversive. Notnecessarily by supporting any particular ideology but for undermining theCartesian philosophy and aesthetics that insists upon dividing the world intwo.. more

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 Theyare beautiful, those images of the cosmos produced from photos taken from theorbiting Hubble Telescope. And those brightly colored pictures of spiralinggalaxies against the expanse of infinity have permeated popular consciousne.. more

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 Manyfilm buffs consider Werner Herzog as a ‘70s art house director who moved intodocumentaries during the past 15 years, but as Eric Ames reminds us, Herzogmade documentaries from the start. Ames’ book, Ferocious Reality: Docum.. more

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 F.Scott Fitzgerald was one of 20th century America’s great writers andlike many important authors of his era, he tried his hand in Hollywood. ScottDonaldson’s biography F. Scott Fitzgerald: Fool for Love is concerned chieflywith the.. more

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<p> When J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI, every American who was anyone was under surveillance, and in Hollywood, the bureau maintained files on directors, screenwriters, actors and others and recruited a network of informants who fed the hungry age.. more

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Much of the art history of the 1960s focuses on New York, especially Andy Warhol and other proponents of Pop Art as well as Fluxus and other trends toward performance. As West of Center reminds us, the myopic focus needs to be expanded to i... more

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<p> Bits and pieces of Eva Braun's home movies have shown up in documentaries on the Third Reich, notably in Philippe Mora's recent Swastika, but Hitler's mistress wasn't the only German during the period with a camera. The existence of such amat.. more

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Marlene Dietrich is remembered in various ways. World War II buffs know her for singing the international hit of those years, “Lili Marlene,” that touched a chord among lonely soldiers the world over. TCM fans who have seen Dietrich scattered.. more

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Can compassion be generated through consumption? That’s the scheme behind Product RED, the celebrity-powered AIDS fundraiser starring Bono with a supporting cast of Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio and oth.. more

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