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Although she earned a solidreputation in theater and worked in 52 films, several hits among them, AnneBancroft stands out in many minds for one role in particular. In The Graduate (1967), she played Mrs. Robinson, the sexy and.. more

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Just by being on hand, GeneKelly could inject heart and soul into even the most mediocre movies. Butfortunately for his legacy, he’s remembered for starring in a pair of the mostbeloved musicals from Hollywood’s golden age, .. more

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Jeff Corey (1914-2002) wasnever a star but became the tutor to the stars. He played in a raft ofpost-World War II pictures including such noirs as The Killers and Kidnapped and costume dramas as Wake of the Red Witch and Bri.. more

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Seeing the photographs in a newbiography, Harry Langdon: King of Silent Comedy, one can’t help but think ofPee-wee Herman. A star of the 1920s, Langdon had a similarly boy-man face,petrified yet prankish. And like Herman he climbed from obscuri.. more

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Like many old-school Hollywood directors,Charles Walters was put to pasture after the mid-1960s and was overshadowed inmemory by the likes of Vincente Minnelli and Robert Wise. And like many ofthem, he found a semi-retirement career. Walters di.. more

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JosephLevine was a motion picture producer-hustler from central casting. Afulminating pear-shaped little man with an irritable temperament, he was alwayscutting deals, laying a track record that included everything from Grad.. more

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Withan enormous population and a growing economy, China, unsurprisingly, has becomea thriving market for movies. In China’s Encounter with Global Hollywood , Universityof California Riverside media professor Wendy Su measure.. more

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WoodyAllen isn’t the only American director who still makes films for adults, but asPeter J. Bailey writes in the preface to the revised edition of The ReluctantFilm Art of Woody Allen , “he is certainly the most consistent producer of them. x9.. more

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James Bawden and Ron Miller were journalists with a love forold Hollywood and a knack for gaining interview3s with the stars from thegolden age. Many of those interviews, conducted from the 1960s through the‘80s, are collected.. more

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Morethan a century after his death Jules Verne remains one of the world’s mostfamous authors, recognized even by people who have never read a single wordfrom his stories. The reason, as Brian Taves explains in Hollywood PresentsJules Verne: Th.. more

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Asthe authors concede on page 1 of Hitchcock Lost & Found: The ForgottenFilms , there has been a lot of hype over the “rediscovery” of missing piecesfrom Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography. Alain Kerzoncuf and Charles Barr complainof “excessive.. more

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The question most asked about my latest book, War on the Silver Screen : is that really a war movie? I included Casablanca as a war movie though few shots are fired and battle scenes are entirely absent, and The Manchurian Candidate , which mostly.. more

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If Hollywood had an aristocracy, Tom Mankiewicz was one of its progeny. His father was the illustrious writer and director Joseph L. Mankiewicz ( All About Eve , Guys and Dolls ) and uncle Herman co-wrote the most acclaimed Hollywood film ever mad.. more

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DaltonTrumbo was on his way to a lucrative Hollywood career when politics intervened.An acclaimed novelist and a successful screenwriter, Trumbo received an Oscarnomination for Kitty Foyle (1940) and credit for Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944).. more

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Opening movie credits were usually an uneventful scroll-down, just names in a listagainst a backdrop, until Saul Bass. With Man with the Golden Arm (1955), Vertigo (1958) and North by Northwest (1959), Bass interjected Modern designinto the cre.. more

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