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Corner taverns are cultural icons of Milwaukee, reflecting our brewing heritage and a time when the city was an industrial powerhouse, and several of these homey places are still around. Read more


June 21 is the first—not the last—focking day of summer with way too many to follow, chock-packed with heat, stupidity, racket and bugs. Read more

Art for Art's Sake

The week leading up to Summerfest’s first act includes performances by the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet, The Minus 5 and Viento Callejero. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

So another Labor Day has come and gone—a day I spent in celebration of the American workingman by sitting on my ass in some clown’s backyard doing nothing except drink somebody else’s beer, what the fock. Read more

Art for Art's Sake

Art Kumbalek talks about the Presidential race. Read more

Art for Art's Sake


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Jerry Grillo will celebrate 20 years (more or less) as a jazz singer with a pair of performances. Read more

Local Music

The Uptowner opened in 1884 as a Schlitz bar, dedicated to pouring beer from the brewery that made Milwaukee famous. During Prohibition it was a drugstore; suspicions are that “medicinal” alcohol was dispensed. One of Milwaukee’s longes... Read more

Off the Cuff

Ping! Ping! Ping ping ping! Flip flip!The back corner of the Uptowner is crowded with a group of about a dozen people gathered around the bar’s three pinball machines. The clicking Read more

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Milwaukee rapper Mic Crawf never signed up to be the host of the Uptowner’s Sunday night open mic. He simply stepped up to fill in when the event’s original host, Scott Summers, didn’t show up one night. That Read more

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Dominion Gallery’s latest offering of multi-media artworks bears the theme and title, “Smokey Places.” According to contributing artist Michael DiMilo, all the works share “elements of smoke, mystery and femininity, combined Read more

Visual Arts

The Extra Crispy Brass Band has a sound that is distinctly Dixie, finding inspiration from the “second line” traditional style of New Orleans jazz. “The first line was the funeral procession and the second line refers to the up-tempo br Read more

Local Music

Happy Anniversary: The inimitable Rip Tenor (aka Art Kumbalek) was honored by the Uptowner Bar and Charm School for his 25 years of yeoman's duty at the Shepherd Express. Fans poured in to pay respects and hear the Brewhaus Polka Kings... Read more

Happening Now

In February 2008, the Badgers were down one to Indiana with 12 seconds left. This happened:   Fast forward to last night. Freshman John Gasser (he of UW's only ever triple double) wins the game for Wisconsin against Michigan:   Read more

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Being a city literally built on the mass consumption of beer, Milwaukee's corner bars and taverns have always been an integral part of neighborhood culture and economy. To be sure, many if not most taverns found wi... Read more


Thursday, Dec. 18 Hardcore Comedy Show @ Cactus Club, 10 p.m. Oneof the lo,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

For the last eight months, the chorus of bloggers shouting about how Vampire Weekend will become the next big thing has become absolutely deafening. Today, after almost a year of this hype, the band finally releases its debut album, and soon we’ll.. Read more

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Every week, DJ Kid Cut Up hosts Hip-Hop Tuesdays at The Uptowner, spinning a mix of curren The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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