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Inspired by Jacobs, Milwaukee is one of more than 200 worldwide cities that host free, community-led “Jane’s Walk” city tours. Read more

Happening Now

<p> For most of history only by a small percentage of the world's population dwelled in cities, but by the end of this century, they may be where nearly everyone lives. Along with the cultural opportunities of urban life comes a less pleasant rea.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

I don't usually concede this, but sometimes it's better not to read the reviews. There are times when album reviews give a framework with which to appreciate an album, offering context that aids in the enjoyment of music, but sometimes they do jus.. Read more

On Music

The Milwaukee Rep opens its main stage season strongly with what could potentially be its best comedy production of 2009/2010, the Jeffery Hatcher play The Government Inspector. Nikolai Gogol conceived the story based on literary giant Alek... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

One of the most flamboyant of all the recent Milwaukee bands warped by too many Tom Waits records, Eat the Mystery has a soft spot for warbled vocals, carnival accordions and bawdy lyrics, but with their ca,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

A feveris spreading across the nation. It’s called the condo-hotel (Condotelas it& To read more about urban planning, architecture and artrelated issues, go to my blog, titl ,A&E Feature Read more

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