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Based on a true story, McFarland, USA follows Jim White (Kevin Costner), a down-on-his-luck track coach, who lands a relatively low-paying job as a central California P.E. teacher in the farming community of McFarland, Calif. Read more

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It's not too often we get good news about the local jazz scene to report, but this week the scene breathed a rare sigh of relief when it was revealed that the Jazz Estate will be staying put. Co-owner Brian Sanders put the bar on the market last f.. Read more

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I started playing soccer at age four because my eight year old brother was playing and I didn’t want to be left out. I played in college and in a women’s league after graduation. I’d still be playing if a second torn MCL didn’t make me realize tha.. Read more

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The US Women's National Team played a World Cup game today near Heidelberg, Germany. That also happens to be pretty near Rammstein US military base. And it's 4th of July weekend.So after their first goal, the 11 starters stood shoulder-to-shoulde.. Read more

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World dominance is ours! Or so said much of last week’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. Team USA led in medals entering the final days, but with no Dreaded Red Empire to vanquish, so what? Our NHL guys beating Canada’s NHL guys is nice, bu... Read more

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Today’s schedule is among the most eclectic at the Cascio Groove Garage, Summerfest’s all-local stage, with a lineup that includes artists as seemingly disparate as The Danglers, a violin-fronted prog-rock trio, at 6 p.m.; Jayme Dawicki and... Read more

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Guitar virtuosos who play what might be best described as guitar virtuoso music, Rodrigo y Gabriela are a strange melting pot of music. They have a sound that explains their real life story—an instrumental Flamenco band who were once a he... Read more

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