Science is out at the DNR these days. Old-fashioned, right-wing, political propaganda is in. Read more

Taking Liberties 16 Comments

This country needs much more education about the damage racism has done to the American values of equality and equal treatment under the law. Read more

Taking Liberties 7 Comments

It took a lawsuit filed by the Center on Media and Democracy and The Progressive to reveal the full truth about Gov. Scott Walker’s involvement in trying to scrap the beloved Wisconsin Idea. Read more

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Photos courtesy David Stluka/UW Athletics

Lauren Chypyha has made tennis her life. Now she's learning how to not be defined by wins and losses. Read more

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Photo credit: David Stluka/Wisconsin Athletic Communications

A rising star in women’s soccer, Badgers midfielder Rose Lavelle says she and her teammates are building a culture of success at the University of Wisconsin. Read more

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Courtesy of UW Communications

No two days are ever the same for Kat Vosters, the woman who keeps the UW men’s basketball team running on track. Read more

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If Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to run on his budget-crafting acumen—and show his billionaire donors that he’s an independent thinker—he would fully embrace the Affordable Care Act and scuttle his own version of health care reform. Wal... Read more

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Photo Credit: Megan McCormick / via Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Scott Walker came out with a noncandid statement about how the Wisconsin Idea—andits search for truth—was eliminated in his state budget. (Major props to theCenter for Media and Democracy for catching it.)First it was a drafting error, no.. Read more

Happening Now 23 Comments

To any thoughtful observer of politics, one of the biggest frustrations is watching is just how politically popular some really bad ideas can be Read more

Taking Liberties

Everybody goes a little basketball crazy during the NCAA tournament, but some of the talk around basketball in Milwaukee these days sounds more like pure lunacy. Read more

Taking Liberties

Is it a good thing ifyour job reference is the target of/subject of interest in one if not two John Doe investigations? Imean, shouldn’t you use someone who hasn’t spent more than $400,000 of other people's money on criminal defense attorneys?I .. Read more

Happening Now

French films? Mention them and certain impressions come to mind, whether the breezy insouciance of Breathless or romance on the banks of the Seine—preferably the Left Bank. If nothing else, Polisse explodes some of those preconceptions. The... Read more

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Art to Art is Danceworks’ inter-arts performance laboratory. Seasoned and emerging choreographers who want to test ideas in collaboration with artists from other Read more

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No one knows why it's called the Hockey City Classic - Chicago is best known for it's bandwagon Blackhawks fans - but regardless, on Sunday, February 17, the Wisconsin men's hockey team will be playing Minnesota in the second game of a double-head.. Read more

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Former Badger hockey players were much in the news this off-season, as both Justin Schultz and Ryan Suter's eventual whereabouts were the subject of much (MUCH) internet banter.Ottawa decided to opt out of such a situation with Kyle Turris by sig.. Read more

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The football story in Seattle his preseason has had all kinds of Wisconsin ties. Former Badger Russell Wilson and former Packer Matt Flynn were fighting for the starting quarterback job.Flynn has spent multiple years backing up Aaron Rodgers in G.. Read more

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The Badger Football/Camp Randall team has announced 28 upgrades to the gameday experience at Camp Randall stadium, which is a pretty large, comprehensive series of upgrades to make the entire experience of going to a Badger Football game. So far, .. Read more

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Danny O'Brien, the quarterback that transferred to Wisconsin from Maryland after two years as the Terps' QB, has been named the starter for the Badgers' opening game against University of Northern Iowa.O'Brien is taking advantage of the same tran.. Read more

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The new, non-BCS way of doing things will mean even more scrutiny on teams that could be eligible for the four-team playoff.One of the things the selection committee will be looking at is strength of schedule, something Wisconsin has struggled wi.. Read more

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