Vanity Theatre Company

  Born in a province of Czarist Russia, Kadya Molodowsky tutored children in Kiev in the early days after the Bolshevik Revolution. She went on to become a schoolteacher in Warsaw for children who lived in utter poverty. Chance, circumstance an.. Read more


Perhaps themost unique insight of this captivating book is that nearly all modernrecordi Perfecting Sound Forever: AnAural History of Recorded Music ,Books Read more


It was a pleasant gathering of people in the lobby of the 10th Street Theatre. Hardly a huge crowd, but certainly more than enough of an audience to seem substantiala very personable introduction for the newly-formed Vanity Theatre Company. Peo.. Read more


   The Vaudeville circuit flourished on American stages for half a century. Bet Gypsy ,Theater Read more


Since their “MMMBop” 15-minutes expired and their label did the inevitable, dr Strong Enough to Break ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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