Dear Ruthie gives helpful advice to a reader who’s having trouble landing second dates and shares her always impressive social calendar. Read more

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The East Side’s Strange Town dishes out an imaginative, internationally inspired take on vegan cooking. Read more

Short Order

This past month saw a flurry in openings around Milwaukee, including a vegan plant-based restaurant, Latin fusion eats, and more poke in the Third Ward. Plus, Elm Grove gains a breakfast and brunch spot. Read more

Dining Out

Veganomicon, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook provides a host of recipes and shopping tips and demonstrates how “vegan awareness” has grown and grown. Read more


Wisconsin’s Beatrix Foods creates plant-based dishes at pop-up events. Read more


In this society, we’re misled to believe that meat and dairy products are the sole source of protein. Read more

Being Vegan

I could never be vegan, I love the taste of meat too much. Don't you miss bacon?!— Curious  Dear Curious, Turns out, vegans don,Vegan Read more

Being Vegan

"We all scream for amazing vegan ice cream," readsthe menu of On the Bus, the newcomer among Milwaukee Public Market eateries,and we would agree knowing how hard it is to find 100% vegan treats. On top ofice cream, the eatery serves shak.. Read more

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It is an exciting time to go vegan! Since 2014, there has been a 600% increase in veganism in the United States largely due to readily available information about the health benefits of being vegan and how a plant-based diet can help save t... Read more

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You’ll find tons of amazing vegan foods you can prepare on the grill! There are incredible faux meats, including burgers and sausages that cook up perfectly on the grill or you can pick out your favorite vegetables and fruit and give them t... Read more

Being Vegan

I'm interested in being vegan, but isn't that going to be really difficult in Milwaukee, the land of cheese and brats? - Curious Dear Curious, Actually, it’s really quite,Vegan Read more

Being Vegan

The Riverwest Co-Op Café takes to heart feedback that other kitchens might roll their eyes at. Read more


The Milwaukee Ballets next annual production of The Nutcracker opens at the middle of the month. People flock to the show as part of some strange desire to finally figure out what it's all about. It's not an easy story to understand and all that .. Read more


The Palomino (2491 S. Superior St.) is located in a vintage Bay View corner bar. While the amenities include pool tables, most of the customers are here for the Southern-style food. There are classics like chicken-fried steak Read more

Dining Preview

As the owner of Soup’s On in the Third Ward for nearly a decade, Mary Krimmer took a lot of requests, often from customers with special dietary needs or ideas for breakfast soups or brussels sprout soups or other creations. Read more

Dining Preview

Compassionate Cake owner Jessica Kelter-Weisnicht admits that vegan bakery has a bad rap. The problem as she sees it is not that most readily available vegan bakery isn’t good—on the contrary, she explains, a lot of it is quite Read more

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Good pizza can easily be found in Milwaukee, a city that once had tight, thriving Italian neighborhoods in the Third Ward and Bay View. And while pizza ovens popped up all over town in the years following World War II, it took a more recent... Read more

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The National (839 W. National Ave.) is a nice neighborhood café that serves breakfast and lunch. The menu, listed on chalkboards, is friendly to vegetarians. Breakfast options include a vegan burrito and omelets made from organic eggs. Be s... Read more

Dining Preview

Cuba, the small island nation south of the United States, has experienced its share of economic and political upheaval over the past five decades. Due to political conflicts between the two nations, accurate information about Cuba Read more

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