The Brewers acquired relief pitcher Jose Veras from the Pirates this offseason in exchange for Casey McGehee.Unfortunately for the Brewers, Veras was immediately arbitration eligible.Veras submitted $2.37million, the Brewers put his value at $2 .. Read more

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The Brewers signed former-Cub Aramis Ramirez to a three-year deal, reportedly worth $36 million. Ramirez will be the Brewers everyday third baseman.\nWith his role filled and the non-tender deadline approaching tonight, the Brewers traded Casey Mc.. Read more

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Jason Powell, from the local sketch-comedy group The Show, has written a new piece that can only be described as a romantic sci-fi musical comedy: Invader? I Hardly Know Her!, which runs through Sept. 26 at the Alchemist Theatre in Bay View... Read more

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Slavery is never mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but the compromises hammered out over the question are integral to the document. In a succinct but carefully reasoned study, TempleUniversity history professor David Waldstreicher shows h... Read more