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Ruthie answers a question from a reader wondering if she’s the bitch or all the people around her. Exciting upcoming events include Theater RED’s The Wayward Women at the Alchemist Theatre, Bastille Days in Cathedral Square and a Makers Mar... more

Dear Ruthie

As with many old TV programs, Carol Burnett’s long-running variety show (1967-1978) keeps finding its way onto DVD in new configurations. “Together Again” includes three complete episodes, prefaced by Burnett’s quick responses to audienc... more

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Nicolas Cage was among his generation’s most promising actors, but he’s spent most of his career playing dumb. Joe, his best film in a decade, is a Southern story of redneck violence, rural poverty and warped family ties. Cage plays the tit... more

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 The vaults housing the archives of CBS’ long-running“Carol Burnett Show” (1967-1978) must be bursting: every few months bring a newmulti-disc DVD set.The latest, “The Carol Burnett Show: Carol’sCrack Ups,” include.. more

I Hate Hollywood

 In many ways, “Mama’s Family” was an old fashionedsitcom situated in a family living room. But this popular ‘80s show, spun-offfrom “The Carol Burnett Show,” was neither a genial “Leave it to Beaver” nor apolitical.. more

I Hate Hollywood

“Beware of strangers in strange places” might be the motto of this Australian film about a tourist who vanishes while on vacation in Cambodia. Nicely shot and edited, the non-linear story builds toward its climax in back-and-forth moveme... more

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Havana has long been a jewel among Caribbean cities; it could be argued that its distressed beauty has been preserved from “development” as an unintended consequence of Castro’s revolution. In the profusely and colorfully illustrated Hav more


Affirming Victor DeLorenzo’s status as perhaps the most musically adventurous of all the Violent Femmes, the drummer’s new project, Prestige Atlantic Impulse, is an experimental jazz trio worlds removed from the Femmes’ signature more

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