Victory Garden Initiative

Urban beekeeping is growing in popularity in Milwaukee, where it is fostered by several community organizations and supported by UW-Milwaukee-Extension, Marquette University and city government. more

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Urban farmers from diverse organizations and backgrounds are transforming Milwaukee. more

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The Great Milwaukee Victory Garden BLITZ is the largest garden-building event in the nation, with its founding nonprofit Victory Garden Initiative (VGI; 1845 N. Farwell Ave.) constructing approximately 500 four-by-eight-foot raised-bed gard... more

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North Shore Boulangerie makes its own yeast and uses locally sourced ingredients. more

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On the corner of East Concordia Avenue and Palmer Street, fertile plots with fruits, vegetables and flowers create the 1.5-acre Concordia Gardens, a serene community more

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Earth Day 2014 arrives on the heels of a very grim United Nations report that found climate change is affecting all continents and oceans, causing noticeable disruptions in our food and more

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Irene Kightley

The Victory Garden Initiative (VGI) was formed by a group of friends and neighbors meeting in a coffee shop after a rally for edible front yard gardens in Shorewood. VGI’s (1845 N. Farwell Ave.) mission is to build communities more

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More than half of Milwaukee County’s African-American men in their 30s and half of those in their early 40s have served time in state prison, according to a new report by John Pawasarat and Lois M. Quinn at UW-Milwaukee’s more

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