Vietnamese Food

With a cookie-cutter menu but quality food regardless, Brookfield’s Pho L'Amour Cafe is comforting and familiar. Read more

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Xankia offers a fusion of French and Vietnamese dishes and signature sandwiches. Read more

Short Order

International chef and author Cameron Stauch shares insight on and recipes for vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine in Vegetarian Việt Nam. Read more


Seldom has a restaurant name been more apt than Buddha Lounge. Industrial leather banquettes, cozy semicircular booths, plush padded bar stools and lots of twinkling light fixtures play off deep crimson walls and tablecloths; among all the ... Read more

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The Xankia banh mi shop relocated from Greenfield’s Pacific Produce to Downtown this weekend. Read more

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode One is the 22nd entry into the Resident Evil franchise, the sequel to the Revelations side story and the first of four episodes. Confused? If so, just know that Episode One is a fantastic start to the Revelatio.. Read more

Video Games are Dumb



Alisa Malavenda describes projected restaurant and food trends in 2015, from the rising popularity of fermented foods to the changing of the guard in upscale desserts (designer ice cream sandwiches may replace cronuts). Read more

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The last two or three years saw a flurry of new Vietnamese restaurants, but the past year has not been kind to them. Pho 43, Pho 27 and Pho Hai Tuyet (Bayside location) Read more

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Named after one of the world’s longest rivers and one Southeast Asia’s busiest waterways, Mekong Café represents the distinctive, traditional cuisines of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand on one menu. Mekong Café has been serving Thai marinated cr... Read more

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If Vietnam designated a national dish, it would have to be the steaming bowl of broth and noodles called pho. Pho is a staple of street-food vendors in Vietnam, and many restaurants in the nation’s larger cities... Read more

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In recent years the city has seen an increase in Vietnamese restaurants specializing in pho, the classic Vietnamese noodle soup served in huge bowls and in many variations. Most of the pho eateries are concentrated on Milwaukee's South Side... Read more

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Hue served as the capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945, and later saw fierce fighting during the Vietnam War. Today, however, this beautiful city owns a reputation for serving some of the nation’s best food. Hue (pronounced Hway) is also th... Read more

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