It’s hard to blame NBC for airing Sunday’s one-sided 44-31 Packers trouncing of the beleaguered Vikings to its national audience in prime time. After all, the (pre-flex scheduling) week eight m,Sports more

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The Packers' 24-10 playoff romp over Minnesota earned them a trip to San Francisco and a chance for double payback against the 49ers for an opening-day loss, and against the Bay Area for Wisconsin's 20-14 Rose Bowl more

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The Vikings announced this morning that they have fired head coach Brad Childress. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has been named the interim head coach.The firing isn't a huge shock after the Vikings poor 3-7 start to the season.It's alway.. more

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    I spent six years in New Orleans and I have a lot of friends who are Saints fans and frankly, they’ve been absolutely unbearable this season. I avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague on game day because I can’t stand the “Who Dat” cheers.. more

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Wrote this down during the Vikings preseason game last week - aka, thereturn of the Favremonster - and put the note in a drawer and forgotabout it. But it's just too good not to share - Ari Wolfe, a local play-by-play guy in MN, said "As far .. more

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ESPN News is reporting that WCCO-TV in Minneapolis has said that Brett Favre is expected to sign with the Vikings today.ESPN also just reported the Brett Favre boarded a plane at 9:10 am in Hattiesburg, Miss., and is headed for Minnesota.WISNChan.. more

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Peter King  >  INSIDE THE NFLFavre fools us once againI give up.All along, Brett Favre's decision was supposed to be simple. He had surgery in late May on a nagging biceps tendon in his throwing arm for one reason -- to clear the last hurdle towar.. more

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<a href="">Report: Rumor of Favre Signing with Vikings</a>By Nick IannelliWTMJ-TV and JSOnline.comupdated 1 hour, 11 minutes agoBrett Favre has already signed with the Vikings and the team is waiting for the rig.. more

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Hat tip to UniWatch for the link, but <a href="">this article</a> from talks about Favre's bicep tear and says that Minnesota has nothing to worry about. It reads as though the .. more

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The driver’s license data, compiled by Lois Quinn and John Pawasarat at the Employme What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,News Features more

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Iwant, of course, peace, grace and beauty. How do you do that? Y after ,Expresso more

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With its mixture of magical, musical and physical comedy flavors, Triple Espresso, a touri Triple Espresso ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Come out to the Hi Hat Garage from 6pm until close on Saturday (Oct. 25). Join in on bobbing for pumpkins, pumpkin focused food and drinks, and a pumpkin carving contest with promotional prizes for a select amoun,Promotions more

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Punk has a long history of interest in folk music, dating back to Joe Strummer’s pre- Clash worship of Woody Guthrie. In an age where the late Johnny Cash has been re-imagined as a punk godfather and ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The 2008 installment of The Animation Show, the country’s last major touring animati The Animation Show ,Today in Milwaukee more

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   Saturday night's Mondo Lucha Variety Show transformed the Turner Hall Ballroom into a B-movie flick, a wild carnival ride that featured luchador wrestling, sideshow acts and burlesque, all t,Concert Reviews more

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An Afghan taxi driver beaten to death by the American military is the starting point for t Taxi to the Dark Side ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Refreshed by baseball’s All-Star break, the Observers got together at aDowntown dia ,Sports more

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In case you missed the big news, Favre spoke to Wisconsin media today. Scroll down for the full transcript, but first some interesting tidbits from the Packers Blog on the record, in my opinion, Favre came on the call with a defen.. more

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