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Early Music Now bring Estonian vocal ensemble Heinavanker to Milwaukee, and Racine Theatre Guild presents the inspiring play, Lombardi. Read more

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Longtime Summerfest board member Howard Schnoll recalls the birth and evolution of Summerfest over the past 50 years. Read more

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  As The Peninsula Players look to open their production of Lombardi just days before the beginning of the NFL season, an entirely different Vince Lombardi looks to come to Whitewater next month. John Pinero's impression of the legendary coach .. Read more


The Green Bay Packers own four of the trophies named after their greatest coach, Vince Lombardi... Read more

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Privatizing Water Would Soak Consumers TheMilwaukee Common Council has backed off the city’s attempt to lease theMilwaukee Water Works to a private corporation as a way to generate revenue forthe cash-strapped but wat,Expresso Read more


The state Supreme Court agreed to review the constitutional ban against same-sex marriage and civil unions of all kinds. No, the court isn’t weighing in on whether the ban is meanspirited, discriminatory and redundant. (Even though it is.) It’s go.. Read more

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For so many of us the aroma of a pine-scented cleanser is the way a fresh, clean and healthy home should smell. I hate to burst your cleaning bubbles, but as it turns out the smells wafting through the air from most conventional cleaning products .. Read more

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A lot has changed in the six years since The Etiquette released its only EP, very little o Ages ,Music Feature Read more

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   What's the difference between Vince Lombardi and a pit bull? A necktie. Bada- Lombardi: The Only Thing ,Theater Read more


Lombardi: The Only Thing, a biographical play about legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vinc Lombardi: The Only Thing ,Theater Read more

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As I write this, the 4-3 Green Bay Packers are just an hour away from a more or less guaranteed victory against the 0-5 Buccaneers. As many easy games as they’ve had, they’re in the same division as one of the three best teams in the league, so G.. Read more