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Off the Cuff interviews Jeff Fitzsimmons of Custom Reality Services, one of the creators of the Sundance- and (soon) SXSW-tested Across the Line, a virtual reality “documentary hybrid” that transports audiences into the perspective of a ... more

Off the Cuff

How Bad is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5? Why Did Microsoft Buy Havok? How Important is VR to Gran Turismo 7? Just Listen. We’ll Tell You.AudioListen to the latest PressureCast on iTunes, Stitcher or Direct Link.VideoLet us know what you think. Le.. more

Video Games are Dumb

VR is just around the corner! But do you care? Are video game voice actors going on strike? Is NBA 2K16’s story mode kind of creepy? Listen to find out! Or don’t! Whatever man!AudioListen to the latest PressureCast on iTunes, Stitcher or Direct.. more

Video Games are Dumb

There’s really nothing else quite like E3. Sure, Comic Con and South By Southwest’s announcements might have more mainstream appeal. But for video game fans, E3 is a three day holiday of back to back surprises and reveals.. It’s where hopes are re.. more

Video Games are Dumb

A Labor Day treat for local sports fans: The Milwaukee Brewers play a rare Monday afternoon game against the St. Louis Cardinals. more

Today in Milwaukee

Carrot Top may be one of the most hated comedians of his generation, but you’ve got to give him credit for this: He’s in on the joke. The red-headed prop comic’s shtick relies heavily on self-deprecating humor, and he hasn’t been s more

Today in Milwaukee