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According to a nonpartisan think tank, some 32,000 Wisconsin residents would become eligible to obtain driver’s licenses, including 14,000 parents. Read more

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Christine Neumann-Ortiz, our hero of the week, is the director of Voces de la Frontera and organizes grassroots movements to protect immigrants. Read more



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The Democratic Party of Wisconsin holds a post-election debrief, and Black Leaders Organizing for Communities celebrates the holidays. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Milwaukee will be on the front lines of the War on Christmas, and a benefit will be held for families separated by deportation. Read more

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CNN commentator Symone D. Sanders will speak at “An Evening to Promote Racial Justice,” while the Milwaukee Riverkeepers discuss the future of Milwaukee’s parks. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Laughing Liberally is throwing a Bye Bye Scott Bonanza! A panel discusses immigration and the city in the Trump era. Read more

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A recent uptick in hate crimes across the nation, including the most recent incidents in Pittsburgh and Kentucky, led some on the left in Wisconsin to respond with harsh words. Read more

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A vigil for Puerto Rico is happening in Riverwest while Milwaukee’s youth moderate a town hall meeting. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Voters will have the opportunity for ample face time with candidates running for office this week, while citizens can learn how to help protect fair elections. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

The U.S.-Mexico border lies more than 1,800 miles from Milwaukee, but for some local families who have had loved ones detained by ICE, it feels as though it’s right down the street. Read more

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The Democratic candidates for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District debate twice, while protesters hold a vigil for immigrants outside of GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s office. Read more

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The heat didn’t silence angered citizens Saturday afternoon, as hundreds gathered in downtown Milwaukee to protest actions taken by President Trump’s administration regarding families detained at the U.S./Mexico border. Read more

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Hundreds gathered outside of the ICE headquarters in downtown Milwaukee on Thursday, June 21 for an event organized by the New Sanctuary Movement of Milwaukee and Voces de la Frontera. Read more

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Thousands of demonstrators marched throughout Waukesha for over an hour Tuesday morning to protest the Waukesha County Sheriff's Office’s final approval to enact certain immigration laws. Read more

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Slate’s Leon Neyfakh will discuss impeach and the presidency with WUWM’s Mitch Teich, and Voces de la Frontera hosts a day without Latinxs and immigrants in Waukesha. Read more

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This week, Village Playhouse divulges The Importance of Being Earnest; Cooperative Performance and Alejandra Gonzales share immigrants’ stories with Ellis in Alverno’s Pitman Theatre and more. Read more

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Polls have shown that more than 80% of the American people support continued protections for the Dreamers (and DACA), but answering poll questions is easier than taking action; now is the time to move from sympathy to support. Read more

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Contrary to stereotypes, millennials are becoming an engaged generation concerned with community, society and political action. Read more

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The early 20th century saw the first wave of Mexicans to the Badger State, and Sergio M. González succinctly illustrates that Mexican Americans were always productive contributors to the state’s economy and, eventually, its culture. Read more