Voter Suppression

Women’s March Wisconsin will gather on Saturday, Jan. 18, to march against Trump and encourage the community to vote in the upcoming election. Read more

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Capturing the Flag | Friday, October 26 @ 9:30 p.m. | Oriental Theatre East | If it’s happening here in Wisconsin, think of what voter suppression looks like in that Southern-fried Dixieland of limited suffrage. Read more


Massive amounts of dark money, gerrymandered districts and other voting obstacles can all be overcome if everyone does one thing: vote! Or, in the words of former President Barack Obama: “Don’t boo. Vote!” Read more

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Here are some of the key forms voter suppression takes in Wisconsin. Read more

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With just a few weeks before college students return to school, this is a good time for them to make sure you have the proper identification to vote in the fast approaching elections. Read more

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Voter participation dropped 12% in the City of Milwaukee in the first presidential election since the implementation of voter ID. Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans were determined to do something to put a stop to this wildly out-of-control voting by Democrats. Read more

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No matter what happened this Election Day, let’s make sure that, going forward, our government reflects the will of the people—not merely the will of those in power. Read more

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Shame on Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators for enacting laws that place an unfair—and in our view, unconstitutional—burden on minority voters. Read more

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A group of Democrats have succeeded in putting Wisconsin Republicans’ gerrymandered legislative map on trial and potentially declared unconstitutional. Read more

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Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is one of a tiny minority of Republicans these days who still appears to believe in democracy, fair elections and the right of every eligible citizen to vote regardless of race, religion or likelihood of voting... Read more

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Republicans do their best during low-turnout elections, which is why they’re using every trick in the book to disenfranchise Wisconsin voters and keep them away from the polls. Don’t let them win. Read more

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the U.S. Supreme Court announced it wouldn’t take up Wisconsin’s voter ID law, one of the most restrictive voting requirements in the country. In doing so, the court has cemented its reputation as a supporter of voter suppression. Read more

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Wisconsin voters don’tneed a photo ID to cast a ballot on Nov. 4, thanks to an emergency rulingby the U.S. Supreme Court late Thursday.In a terse statement, the courtsaid that the law shouldn’t be implemented so close to an election, which is.. Read more

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On Monday, three federal appellate court judges—all of whom were appointed by Republicans—declared Wisconsin’s restrictive voter ID law to be constitutional. These are the same judges Read more

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Today, the opponents of Wisconsin’s voter ID law sent anemergency plea to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, the high court judge whooversees the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The ID opponents want theSupreme Court to vacate the three-jud.. Read more

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It’s a shame that thejudges on the 7thU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals deadlocked on whether they should reviewa ruling by three of its members on Wisconsin’s voter ID law. They voted 5-5 on thematter. Which means that the law is in effect. T.. Read more

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Conventional wisdom says Democrats don’t have much chance for success in the statewide legislative elections in November. The great thing about conventional wisdom is it’s so often so Read more

Taking Liberties

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law, which was known as one of the most restrictive of its kind Read more

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Today, U.S. DistrictJudge Lynn Adelman struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law, which was known as oneof the most stringent of its kind. I’m just goingthrough the lengthy decision now, and I’ll have more details about Adelman’sargument in a bit.. Read more

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