Voter Turnout

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Over 300 individuals, including politicians, community activists and organizers, came together last Saturday to call attention to an upcoming election in Wisconsin with the goals of increasing voter registration and education. more

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Voter participation dropped 12% in the City of Milwaukee in the first presidential election since the implementation of voter ID. more

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Conventional wisdom says Democrats don’t have much chance for success in the statewide legislative elections in November. The great thing about conventional wisdom is it’s so often so more

Taking Liberties

Unfortunately, it’s not difficult to explain how Wisconsin could re-elect President Barack Obama and send Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin to Washington and then just five months later vote completely opposite more

Taking Liberties

The field has narrowed from eightcandidates to two, and on April 1 Patrick Flaherty and N Shepherd Express ,News Features more

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