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The fear of heights is one of the most common phobias.  The idea of free falling from high above the ground evokes a sense of dread.  So when someone is courageous enough to take a risk and conquer that fear, it creates edge of the seat entertainm.. Read more

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Celebrating 80 years, Easter Seals is a nonprofit that provides a full range of services through 15 different programs for individuals with disabilities from infants to adults. One of the largest fundraisers for the Southeast Wisconsin bran... Read more

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This pastJanuary, as the University Press of Kentucky was publishing my biography ofdirector Rouben Mamoulian, Mamoulian: Life on Stage and Screen , I learned that another book on theneglected auteur was scheduled for publication thi.. Read more

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A non-classicist heartland rocker who infuses his music with the political charge of The Clash and Bob Dylan, Ike Reilly released his first record, Salesmen and Racists , in 2001 to strong praise from Minneapolis critic Jim Walsh, whose Read more

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The hit Broadway musical Wicked whizzed into town this week, bringing with it 450,000 pounds of equipment and a company of 55 people. The personnel include cast, production managers, stagehands and other backstage support. By far the Read more

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In case you didn't see it, tonight the Brewers had a bit of a stolen base/hit and run on with Carlos Gomez on first base. He never slowed and took third when the ball was fielded and thrown to first for the out. The ball was then thrown to third t.. Read more

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The Get Lucky Tour is coming to Milwaukee in April! Mark Knopfler will be performing at the ,Sponsored Events Read more

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I DID NOT KNOW THAT: Brett Lawrie took second in the Midwest League ASG Home Run Derby. Sad for him it was to a guy named Rebel. Read more

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Reading academic film studies can be frustrating, especially when it tries to reduce the complexity of the human experience mirrored in the movies to some quasi-Marxist dogma or once-fashionable postmodern theory. It can be both irritating and in.. Read more

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Past and present popular culture converge in a trio of exhibitions showcasing industrial, The Settlement Cookbook ,Art Read more

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The veteran of the group and a native of Milwaukee, Delanie attended Mt. Mary College. Ass ,Runup to the Runway Read more

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Dylan's Run/Walk has been a highlight for Milwaukee's Autism community since 2001. The run So listen, this Englishman, a Frenchman and anIrishman were at the pub dis cussing famili ,Sponsored Events Read more


Seems like everybody wants to be German these days. Read more

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The Los Angeles alternative-pop band We The Living plays an 8 p.m. show at UWM tonight. T Heights of The Heavens ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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