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The steady pace of scandals during the Gov. Scott Walker administration are signs that Wisconsin’s elected officials are corrupting the public trust for the benefit of a select few insiders. Read more

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Feeling flush with success after a favorable—but highly questionable—state Supreme Court ruling, Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans have renewed their calls to dismantle the nonpartisan Government Accountability Board (GAB). Read more

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Wisconsin Republicans frequently get away with their shadier political activities because it’s difficult to prove whether questionable actions within Gov. Scott Walker’s administration are the result of sheer incompetence or actual corrupti... Read more

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This week a handful of very powerful state legislators will sign off on a preliminary two-year budget plan that is supposed to address the $2 billion budget hole created, in large part, by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s failed attempt to cre... Read more

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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released its Rich States, Poor States report for 2015, placing Scott Walker’s Wisconsin at #13, despite the state’s struggling economic growth and state budget deficit. Read more

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The Republican-run Legislature is poised to pass and Gov. Scott Walker has promised to sign a fast-tracked bill that would turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work state. The bill, which doesn’t have a legislative author attached to it, comes fr... Read more

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Voting rights advocates, including the ACLU and LULAC, are hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court will take up Wisconsin’s voter ID law, one of the most stringent in the country. Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker may be arguing that the John Doe investigation into alleged illegal campaign coordination in 2011 and 2012 is dead as a doornail, but the 266 pages of unsealed Read more

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Last week, U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa released an unprecedented ruling—literally Read more

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The conservative takeover of Wisconsin in 2010 didn’t happen by accident, according to a new report by American Bridge, a progressive watchdog group tracking the influence of conservative Read more

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In October, two dark-money groups connected to right-wing billionaires Charles and David Koch were ordered to pay the largest campaign fine in California history for funneling undisclosed Read more

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If David Koch wasn't a household name in Wisconsin a week ago, he certainly is now. Read more

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