Walker's Pint

Dear Ruthie answers a reader’s cry for help as Halloween approaches, and she offers a glimpse into her social calendar for the week. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Ruthie advises a woman whose husband wants to change her retirement plan after many years of successful work-finance negotiation. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Ruthie provides great options for Gal-entine’s Day! Included are a chair dancing class, a light show at the Domes and a ladies night at Mary’s Beercade. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Ruthie counsels a couple with very different ideas of how much holiday decorating is the right amount. Read more

Dear Ruthie


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Dear Ruthie commends Madonna, answers a letter from a reader wondering about kissing on a first date and plugs exciting events like the Taste of the Ward at Skylight Music Theatre, Pint vs. Fluid Chili Cook-Off and Barry Manilow concert at ... Read more

Hear Me Out

I’m not gay, but I’m familiar with coming out. I’m a chubby chaser. I like thick girls with lots of curves. The bigger the better if you ask me. People don’t get that it’s hard to “come out” about your sexual preferences and desires when... Read more

Hear Me Out

Once a regular feature of this blog, the Cheap Album Round-Up has all but disappeared in recent months as I, like much of the country, try to keep my spending habits in check. This weekend, however, I did treat myself to a couple of used albums, i.. Read more

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Winners in the Best Lesbian Bar category for Best of Milwaukee 2008. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2008