Warren Enstrom

FTAM Productions presents this year’s final installment of the Noise Knowledge Consortium at Brinn Labs on Dec. 21 with Gabriella Schwartz (Nummy) and the Kingston Family Singers. Read more

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Clarinet lovers, free improvisation fans and drone aficionados will be pleased with this album. Read more

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'Speculative Fiction' offers a brief look at an impressively cohesive sound world that synth lovers of all stripes will enjoy inhabiting Read more

Album Reviews

If you are new to noise music or curious about what computer-made music sounds like, give Milwaukeean Eli Smith’s Generation / Moon Inside a listen. Read more

Album Reviews


Photo Credit: Paul Mitchell

In 'Everything in Its Place,' the choreography seemed subconsciously driven and the performers were serious young people in a place for kings and angels, where they seemingly had no place. Read more