Washington County

“Segregation has a huge impact on keeping people from knowing other people. When there’s a lack of contact, you rely on stereotypes, you don’t communicate and you make assumptions about other people. It really does the city a disservice. x9... Read more

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Washington County is just around the bend—West Bend, to name one city located there. What’s waiting there besides Slinger Speedway? Why there are Holy Hill, Glacier Hills County Park, Wally & Bee’s Last Stop Resort, Bilda’s Friess Lake Pub,... Read more

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In a recent Journal Sentinel series, journalist Craig Gilbert has documented what we’ve all known intuitively: Southeastern Wisconsin is plagued by intense political polarization fed by highly Read more

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A grassroots group critical of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s planned reconstruction of Highway 164/J in Waukesha and Washington counties alleges the Read more

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Residents of Waukesha andWashington counties won a big victory against state and federalagencies that started to pave paradise in southeastern Wisconsin. ,News Features Read more

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