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The Milwaukee supergroup demonstrated music’s power to bring people together at its ambitious Washington Park concert. more

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Milwaukee County Parks is recognized nationally as a trail-blazing park system that extended the concept of a network of linked parks and parkways throughout a county, not just a city. more

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Preserving waterways and woodlands as public spaces has been positive for the region’s overall ecology as well as the people who enjoy the parks. more

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This October, Milwaukee is home to many LGBTQ-themed Halloween events including bar crawls, story telling, scavenger hunts and costume contests. more


Tarik Moody says Washington Park’s epic upcoming tribute to black music could be one of the building blocks for something even bigger. more

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A look back at the design of Milwaukee County’s park system and a guide to the county’s green spaces. more

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It’s not often you can tell the story of a city through the history of its parks, but Milwaukee’s story is woven firmly into its communal green spaces, and though a so-called “green ring" of parkland was never fully realized, Milwaukee s... more

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The result of many hands and many hours, UW-Milwaukee Theatre Department’s This is Washington Park. This is Milwaukee. is a complex, sometimes unwieldy reflection with its heart absolutely in the right place. It is works like this that can ... more


More than just a social art form, theater is a dialogue. Alvaro Saar Rios welcomes that dialogue with This is Washington Park. This is Milwaukee. His new project has UWM theater students engaged in telling the story of the Washington Park .. more



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Washington Park Stories is a collaborative exhibit created by MIAD sculpture students and UWM dance and architecture students working with local artists to capture the memories, dreams and beauty of the deteriorating neighborhood. It is available .. more

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In 2013, Pat Gleason and his wife Jeanette opened Bus Stop Coffee Shop (4424 W. Lisbon Ave.), a homey café in a historic building offering fresh bakery made daily in house, delicious Stone Creek Coffee and Rishi Tea, and some of the best ho... more

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With a giant cardboard bullet on my head, I menaced citizens in 2009. The following year, I caused a giant puppet Mother Earth to rise up healed. Last year, I cavorted to Aztec music... more

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In 2003, the Shepherd Express decided that a world-class city like Milwaukee needed a world-class international film festival. With that in mind, it set up a nonprofit charitable corporation, Milwaukee's Future Foundation, to create and run... more

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June features not one, but two free outdoor productions of Shakespearean works. The better known of the two productions is Macbeth, which is being staged by Optimist Theatre. There is little that could be said here about Macbeth that hasn't... more


<p>If you\'ve been wringing your hands over the DNC\'s alleged abandonment of Wisconsin right before the critical recall of Scott Walker, here\'s something to lift your spirits.<br /><br />Van Jones, a founder of Rebuild the Dream and Color of Cha.. more

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A sort of poetry slam without poetry—or, for that matter, slamming—The Moth was conceived in 1997 as an evening of storytelling, with each performer recounting a 10-minute autobiographical yarn, sans notes. Celebrities like Moby and Ethan..... more

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July 5, 2010—not only the first day of the much-discussed statewide smoking ban, but also a unique opportunity for Milwaukee bars to finally cleanse their somewhat neglected interiors of decades of indoor smoking. While many places have sin... more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? Yeah yeah, as last week I was not able to whip out a full-blown essay for having to run to the doctor’s so’s to have a swatch of moss removed from my right pectoral, spr more

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In Backseat Saints, novelist Joshilyn Jackson powerfully spotlights a nondescript minor character from her best-selling debut, Gods in Alabama. The tale’s unfortunate protagonist, Rose Mae Lolley, has spent her entire life in the company of... more