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Conundrums of time travel and collisions of causality run through writer-director Jacob Gentry’s Synchronicity. Jim (Chad McKnight) is a frazzled, sleep-deprived physicist working to open a wormhole as a shortcut across time. Read more

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Melissa Miller

Fresh off his first Grammy nomination, country singer Sturgill Simpson returned to Turner Hall to play for a much bigger audience. Read more

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Neither the great lost treasure nor the dreck some critics have described, Out Among the Stars is a good example of what Johnny Cash was up to in the decade before Rick Rubin distilled the best of the Man in Black into the Dark Prince of Ou... Read more

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You could say Henry Horenstein wrote the book on photography—several, in fact. But long before he became a photography professor at Rhode Island School of Design, Horenstein roamed honky-tonks and country music festivals, making pictures... Read more