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Psychotherapist Philip Chard explains that most of us depend on our external circumstances to create inner well-being, rather than relying on what resides in our psyches and souls. Read more

Out of My Mind by Philip Chard 1 Comments


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How can one let go, grieve the symbolic death of something we care about? Psychotherapist Philip Chard shares his advice on the matter. Read more

Out of My Mind by Philip Chard

The ideaof program music – music meant to accompany and/or represent a pre-existentnarrative structure or object; for instance, Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at anExhibition,” Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” Duke Ellington’s “Monologue .. Read more

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Question: How does the Affordable Care Act help keep us healthy?Answer: The Affordable Care Act includes the Prevention Fund, which is intended to prevent Read more

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Madeline Gianforte is a co-founder of CORE/El Centro, a nonprofit, bilingual healing center in Walker’s Point offering affordable wellness therapies to the community. A massage and Reiki practitioner, Gianforte is also Read more

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Milwaukee had a nationally recognized parks director who won a long list of awards, both local and national, including the prestigious National Park and Recreation Association's Gold Medal for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management... Read more

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According to Square Grouper: The Godfathers of Ganja, a "square grouper" was '70s slang for a burlap bag of pot cast overboard by Caribbean smugglers during hot pursuit by the law. The documentary by Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman (out on DVD.. Read more

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Wladziu Valentino Liberace’s entrance into the world foreshadowed a career renowned for dramatic entrances. On May 16, 1919, in West Allis, Frances Zuchowski, a Polish-speaking young woman from Menasha, and her husband, Salvatore Liberace, ... Read more

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A recent issue of Money Magazine ranked Waukesha No. 50 on a list of the 100 “Best Small Cities to Live.” Waukesha’s downtown area overflows with vibrant art galleries and special exhibits to enjoy along with the summer weather—one Read more

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Delivering on its title, Dommin’s Love Is Gone plays like a soundtrack for brokenhearted goths. Consider the leadoff track, in which fragile lead vocalist, guitarist and band namesake Kristofer Dommin sings, “My heart in your hands/Closing ... Read more

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I thought the conservative movement jumped the shark when supporters became teabaggers. But they’ve taken their paranoia to new heights by claiming that President Obama’s pep talk to the nation’s school kids is a way to “indoctrinate” them wi.. Read more

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On ThirdCoast Digest, DJ Hostettler posted an excellent remembrance piece today about the old Globe East, an anchor of the East Side music scene in the 1990s, before North Avenue was completely overrun by college bars. It's a must-read for any stu.. Read more

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The first of Milwaukee’s many free, weekend-long bacchanals, RiverSplash! commenced the summer festival season this weekend with three days of music, fireworks, junk food and large plastic cups of beer and other luxuries Milwaukeeans will l... Read more

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Newest rumors have both Chris Duffy and Hernan Iribarren will be sentback down to Nashville before the Interleague series with the Twins.Gerut will be put on the roster and the other spot is for RJ Swindleand his slow curve ball of doom.The Twi.. Read more

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From the official site:On Bill Castro"Longtime Brewers coach Bill Castro happened to be at Miller Park , arranging for some items to be shipped home to the Dominican Republic, when he got the call he was waiting for. Brewers manager Ken Macha wa.. Read more

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It's been almost a decade since Ray LaMontagne awoke at 4 a.m. to hear his radio alarm clo Gossip in the Grain ,CD Reviews Read more

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Milwaukee rappers and activist Viva Fidel has branched out into the world of cinema with h Controlled Demo ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Packers win, tied for first in division with Bears and VikingsAaron Rodgers is gritty:  "Aaron Rodgers turned his sprained shoulder into a lesson for any Packers who may still be missing his predecessor. The first-year starter is showing grit and .. Read more

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