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1,234 Quite Interesting Facts is full of interesting items that could provide mirth at the next office party or make you sound like the person who knows everything. Read more


Back in 1965, Neil Simon wrote a comedy about a couple of guys forced to move in together. The Odd Couple was a huge hit. Twenty years later, he adapted it to be a couple of women forced to move in together. Not quite as big a hit, but sti.. Read more


 MaureenO’Hara had Gone with the Wind to thank for her name. Born Maureen FitzSimmons, the comelyDublin lass got her start on stage and on Radio Eieran; her film career beganunpromisingly with a blink-and-miss-her cameo in a mediocre .. Read more

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On a roll following the estrogen-soaked hit Bridesmaids, director Paul Feig takes on this cop buddy project centered around two dysfunctional, yet effective, female operatives. In order to catch a ruthless drug lord Read more

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Sojourner Truth led a truly fascinating life. Born a slave, she later became a free woman, an abolitionist and a suffragette. Cherished in her own lifetime, her ore than 3,000 people attended a funeral service for her in 1883. Playwright Eric C.. Read more


When philosopher George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned... Read more

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When Richard Nixon declared to a gathering of editorsin 1973, “I am not a crook,” he was wrong. He was a crook, and columnist Jack Anderson did more than anyone toexpose his manifold... Read more


The premature farewells came early in Bill Clinton'sfirst term. During those exception %uFFFD ,News Features Read more

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The White House worship that led this politician to renege on a concrete promise is an all-too-common pass-the-buck cop-out in a nation whose federalist system imagined states as "laboratories of democracy." Why hold state elections if sta... Read more

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Mea Culpa Mondays was started as a weekly feature to track the most interesting media apologies. It dates back to the first, now defunct, Shepherd Express website – the original posts are lost to the internet and confined on my hard drive. So trus.. Read more

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Marquette University’s Foreign Film Festival continues tonight with two screenings. Water ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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