In Wilco's new album, the bandmates huddle together, not necessarily to shut out the rest of the world; they just want to tune into each other’s thoughts as softly as they can. Read more

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The story of Trapper Schoepp’s new album begins nearly 60 years ago with Bob Dylan and ends in a Wauwatosa studio with Wilco’s Patrick Sansone. Read more

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Jeff Tweedy discusses recovery, Wilco’s lovably annoying fanbase, and the future of his long-running band. Read more

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A collection of short essays by writers from many fields, Light the Dark: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process isn’t a how-to but an engaging exploration of inspiration. Read more


At their June 18 concert at The Riverside Theater, Wilco showed that, at this point they might be more than a known quantity, unlikely to deviate much from their present course, but they’re still damn good at what they do. Read more

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Summer festival season hits its peak this weekend, with Polish Fest, HartFest and the Lakefront Festival of Art among the highlights. Read more

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Sarah Vos of the Milwaukee/Oshkosh folk ensemble talks about recording their latest album with former Uncle Tupelo and Wilco drummer Ken Coomer. Read more

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One of the joys of living in Milwaukee is that we never go too long without a Wilco show (or, depending on which whim he's following, a show from Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy). Tweedy has spent much of the year supporting his new solo album, Sukiera.. Read more

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As the frontman and major songwriter for the nearly universally acclaimed alt-country institution Wilco, Jeff Tweedy has little cause for concern should the band, which is currently on an extended b,Concert Reviews Read more

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After more than 20 years fronting Wilco, Jeff Tweedy is preparing to release his first solo albums. Details on that album, including a release date and title, haven't been announced yet, but today Pitchfork reported on Tweedy's corresponding solo .. Read more

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It's no secret that baseball takes a distant backseat to football as America's sport of choice, and that's especially true here in Wisconsin, where the Packers' off-season vacation plans make bigger headlines than the Brewers even during the heigh.. Read more

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If many of Wisconsin's alt country/Americana practitioners skew toward honky-tonk good times and general hilarity, Green Bay's Midwestern Charm brings grim equilibrium on the band’s self-titled debut. Loneliness, regret, angst... Read more

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After two albums of deranged, abrasively noisy psychedelic art-pop, including 2009's densely packed Worldwild, Brooklyn's Pterodactyl has made its catchiest, most accessible record yet with its newest release, Spills Out. It's still a jitt... Read more

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Alt-country pioneers and local favorites will return to Milwaukee this winter for a December 9 performance at the Riverside Theater, according to the band's website. The group will be touring behind their upcoming eighth album, The Whole Love, whi.. Read more

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The Marian Center for Non-Profits took very little time to become extremely packed. I don’t recall ever seeing that many people crammed into the hallway outside the Marian Center’s 4th floor studio theatre. The space now serves as local musical .. Read more


 The standard US family road trip has been the subject of songs, movies, books, stage plays and such. Not too long ago, Tim Clue and Spike Manton wrote a comedy about a standard American nuclear family traveling by car. A fiercely Midwestern sho.. Read more


Those alliances are part of the reason Farm Aid chose Milwaukee for its 25th anniversary concert, Fahy says. Another deciding factor was the size and convenience of Miller Park, with its retractable roof in case of rain. The stadium allows ... Read more

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The seminal Minneapolis independent hip-hop group Atmosphere will return to the Riverside Theater on Thursday, Sept. 9, the venue announced this morning. Though rapper Slug and producer Ant won't have a new album to promotetheir latest release is .. Read more

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