The Wildbirds

Nobody would claim that Milwaukee doesn't have a fondness for American music. Spend a week or two going to shows in Bay View, Riverwest or on the East Side, and you'll witness a wide variety of local Americana, folk, folk-rock, roots-rock..... Read more

Local Music

This week, Boris and Doris attend “Haiti 2012 Dreams and Reality," Feathers & Foxtails fashion extravaganza at Hotel Foster and Woodland Pattern. Read more

Happening Now

I’m seeing three musicals the weekend after next. THREE. And although this is quite a few to be opening on the same week, there are always more shows opening-up just a bit further out. The same weekend that Sunset’s Drowsy Chaperone, Off The.. Read more


With The Beautiful Person, French director Christophe Honore reimagined a novel set in the 17th century court of Versailles as a high school drama in contemporary Paris. Lea Seydoux plays Junie, the sulky new girl every boy wants to know. It's a s.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Unlike the Harley-Davidson celebrations that periodically fill Milwaukee with the sounds of Steppenwolf, the annual Rockerbox Motorcycle Show and Street Party, which runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Center Street near Humboldt Avenue, attract... Read more

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The Wildbirds, an Appleton ensemble that spun dirty blues into tidy, rootsy pop songs, was one of the area’s most commercially promising bands, but the group’s time together was cut short by an abrupt break-up after a tour behind the group&... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

"It was like hooking up with an ex-girlfriend; it was like, 'Why did we break up?'&qu Golden Daze ,Local Music Read more

Local Music

Local historian John Gurda is slated to give the second annual Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture tonight on Milwaukee’s Socialist legacy. But he spoke with the Shepherd last week about his thoughts on how the Socialists saved Milwaukee. Here are s.. Read more

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Once the hub of Milwaukee counterculture, Brady Street has gentrified over the years, bec Blender ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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As a general rule, Bay View doesn't go out of its way for New Year's Eve. For the most pa chiquangue ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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