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Daniel Day-Lewis plays an obsessive fashion designer whose meticulous world is about to be disrupted in director Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread. Read more

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PaulThomas Anderson was routinely classed with the generation of post-StevenSoderbergh indie filmmakers that emerged in the ‘90s. But as George Toleswrites in Paul Thomas Anderson , the director’s “stronger, more importanta.. Read more

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 UptonSinclair’s novel Oil! was the basis for Paul Thomas Anderson’s film There WillBe Blood ,and director David Schimmer has spoken of adapting Sinclair’s most influentialnovel, The Jungle .But who remembers that the muckraki.. Read more

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 In his first film since There Will Be Blood, director Paul Thomas Anderson explores a challenging subject...,Film Read more

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The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra will be on the road to the Basilica of St. Josaphat under the baton of Francesco Lecce-Chong. The concert will feature the MSO Chorus for an extravaganza of sacred music, starting with Arvo Pärt's chamber... Read more

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Nuclear weapons treaties are like currency exchange rates—always vitally important to the national interest, but often stunningly dull, not to say impenetrable. Yet Washington has suddenly been jolted awake by Republican threats to stall if... Read more

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Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche is a restless sort, reinventing himself from album to album. He first charmed critics at the start of the century with a pair of candy-flavored chamber-pop records indebted to The Beach Boys Read more

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The book is ripefor a stage version, as it contains magic, mystery, adventure and a group The Thief Lord ,Theater Read more


Express Yourself Milwaukee celebrates the power of creative arts to transform the lives of We come from the mountain, living in the fire, go back to the water turn the world around. ,Express Yourself Milwaukee, Inc. Read more

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Marion Cotillard was “speechless,” she insisted, while hugging her Best Actress Oscar (La Vie en Rose) and giving thank you after thank you. I was even more speechless. The French star of a subtitled film about Edith Piaf (“I didn’t even know who.. Read more

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Predicting Oscar winners is like forecasting the weather. Reasonable minds assume you've done a good job by being right half the time. It's a hard business with all those variables, those shifting winds of insider gossip and cold fronts of media .. Read more

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I read with great interest Lisa Kaiser’s article “A Field of Dreams: Competing Meeting People Is Easy ,Letters Read more

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This year the uncertainty surrounding the Oscars is greater than the usual guesswork over which film will win Best Picture or who will be crowned Best Actor or Actress. It’s not entirely clear how the Oscars will play out on Feb. 24, given the li.. Read more

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Kevn Kinney answers his cell phone on day two of the new year from inside an Atlanta studi Preapproved, ,Music Feature Read more

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Finally, this Friday will bring to Milwaukee the opening of There Will Be Blood. The most critically acclaimed film of 2007 is described as a sprawling epic of family, faith, power and oil, set on the incendiary frontier of California's turn-of-.. Read more

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Of course, the people flying kites in the cold seem downright sane compared to the hundred Shepherd Express ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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