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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: Deep Red, The Day of the Jackal, Mountain, Television’s Lost Classics Volume One. Read more

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The Florida Project by director Sean Baker is a compelling depiction of skid row, circa 2017, that is sometimes hilarious but often sad and ultimately heartbreaking. Read more

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In Gauguin: Maker of Myth, canvas after canvas fills the frames of this documentary on one of the great visionaries of modern art, Paul Gauguin. Read more

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Image via Milwaukee Fringe Fest FacebookMilwaukee Fringe Festivalis the newest citywide art event. The festival is a two-day performance andvisual art showcase, celebrating Milwaukee’s vibrant and diverse arts scene.The no.. Read more

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Philip Seymour Hoffman was among the great actors of his generation, and while he played many parts, he was especially at home when suffering no fools. In A Most Wanted Man, his final starring role before his death earlier this year, Hoffm... Read more

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Whether merely quirky or strangely compelling, Wes Anderson’s films are among the most distinctive artifacts to emerge from the environs of Hollywood in recent years. Anderson delights in creating new worlds from old material, reshaping the... Read more

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Russell (Christian Bale) usually keeps a level head, whether working with a welding torch at the steel mill, caring for his dying dad or trying to talk sense to his irresponsible kid brother, Rodney (Casey Affleck). Even when he’s sent to p... Read more

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It's seldom very sophisticated. Its never given credit for having any kind of  substance.The script of a television situation comedy has a very short shelf life. It's kind of a disposable art. If a writer is particularly lucky, something he will .. Read more


One of rock 'n' roll's great charmers, Jonathan Richman will play Shank Hall on Thursday, Nov. 14, the venue announced this weekend. With his first band The Modern Lovers, Richman inspired a generation of '70s punk bands before moving on to a more.. Read more

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<p> What's with the end of the world? Surely the release of so many cinematic countdowns to the last hours is registering some sort of anxiety in our society? Director Abel Ferrara's <em>4:44 Last Day on Earth </em>examines the apocalypse through.. Read more

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<p> An evil corporation with an innocuous name, Redleaf, lurks in the shadows of <em>The Hunter</em>, and its reach extends to the remotest corners of the Earth. Willem Dafoe plays the titular stalker, Martin David, a freelance enforcer hired by .. Read more

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By the time he emerged in the '80s, Oliver Stone was already part of a dying line of American directors with a knack for shrink-wrapping important messages in a tight Hollywood package. Vietnam's quicksand war—and its impact on those who fought.. Read more

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In an attempt to raise its academic profile, Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, commissioned an in-state firm to create a direct-mail campaign highlighting the many benefits of a Drake education. The pitch to potential students, which wa... Read more

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No one did chases like William Friedkin. The Hollywood director pushed the car chase into overdrive with The French Connection (1971) and lesser filmmakers have been trying (with little success) to overtake him ever since. His latter-day police .. Read more

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Although Lars vonTrier’s Antichrist is set in Washington state, themagical gloom o Antichrist ,Film Read more

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Express Milwaukee: You went from one type of horror movie to another. From Antichristto this one. What was your first reaction when you got this script? Willem Dafoe: When I firs,Film Read more

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Long gone are the days when the only thing protecting a band from a drunk, bottle-throwing honky-tonk audience was a chain-link fence, but the Bay View Brew Haus is resurrecting the spirit of that bygone era. Tonight they welcome to their d... Read more

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Gov.Jim Doyle and state Superintendent Tony Evers announced their plan to reformthe state’s education system—and possibly net some funds from the federalgovernment. They trotted out some ideas for the press, including lengtheningthe sch,Exp... Read more


  Ifyou were standing on the sidewalk, minding your own business, and twocars collided in front of you, flying up onto the sidewalk andseri,Expresso Read more

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This is not about the merits about the paid-sick days referendum recently passed by an overwhelming majority of Milwaukee voters. Convincing arguments both against and for the law, which will require cit,Left and Right Read more

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