William Holden

As Dark City opens, Charlton Heston swaggers out of a store decorated for Easterand into a harsher reality—tenement streets overhung with fire escapes and hardsurfaces covered with a thin coat of grime. Dark City (1950), aclassic of B film noir.. more

Dec 22, 2014 4:00 PM I Hate Hollywood

Sebastian Junger’s Restrepo was the signal documentary of America’s intervention in Afghanistan. With Korengal, the director revisits that same remote outpost, focusing this time on the recollections of soldiers who served there. The starkl... more

Oct 21, 2014 10:34 PM Home Movies

The 1960s were the last time westerns dominated TV programming. “Cimarron Strip” (1967-1968) was one of the better examples of the genre from that period. It stared iron-faced Stuart Whitman as a U.S. Marshal in a frontier town, holding ... more

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Mention Bing Crosby to many Baby Boomer rock fans and eyes will roll. For them, he represented everything out of date. He was dad’s favorite singer. But as recent biographies have shown, Crosby was once a hipster and an innovator; as a youn... more

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