William Randolph Hearst

 WilliamRandolph Hearst was a looming figure in American history, even before OrsonWelles memorably transposed him into a half-fictional character. Even after hisdeath in 1951, the media empire he built carried on and shows no signs ofslowin.. more

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<p> Thomas Ince is often remembered as the character in Peter Bogdanovich's film <em>The Cat's Meow</em>, murdered on William Randolph Hearst's yacht when the drunken, jealous media titan mistook him for the philandering Charlie Chaplin. The leg.. more

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Two new books by a pairof articulate, intelligent critics do just that, informing and pro Blues & Chaos: The Music Writing ofRobert Palmer ,Books more

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In Brookfield, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Centerfor the Arts hosts its annual HiddenRiver Art Festival. Underneath huge white tents, the event features theoutstanding fine art of 80 Wisconsin artists.Inside these grand tents, individ,Art more

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