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Follow this recipe to cook cocoa nog, hot cocoa with the benefit of eggnog; an extra thick, velvety and luxurious version of hot cocoa with a royal hint of nutmeg. Read more

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I propose the construction and erection of a nice climate-controlled dome to envelope the City of Milwaukee proper. It would put a lot of people to work, be a destination point for tourists and retirees and attract a lot of favorable press. Read more

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One of the most cinematically compelling recent films in any genre, the enigmatic horror story by director Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, The Winter, depicts the porous boundary in the human imagination between fantasy and reality, past and pre... Read more

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A good bar is a good bar no matter what time of year it is, and all of these bars are great places to go for a drink at any time. While this is true, there is something special about having a drink.. Read more

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At Cold Spring Inn & Vineyard, a gracious bed &breakfast nestled in the heart of the Kettle Moraine near Holy Hill, you canfind a vineyard on site and a fieldstone fireplace that is the focal point ofthe inn.If you need to hear any more, how.. Read more

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Klassik didn’t release an album in 2014, but that doesn’t mean it was a quiet year for him. The prolific rapper/singer/producer was typically visible, performing regularly behind his 2013 album, YPR, and collaborating at his usual clip, lending st.. Read more

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Psychedelia slipped into the slums of Lima, Peru, by the late ’60s and merged with local roots for a hybrid music called chicha. With The Roots of Chicha 2, American musician Olivier Conan returns to the genre he helped expose to the wider ... Read more

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Farm Aid’s 25th anniversary lineup pairs perennial headliners Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews (all of whom serve on the Farm Aid board of directors) with artists including Jeff Tweedy, Kenny Chesney, Jason Mraz Read more

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The government of Israel is supposedly run by the Jewish state's toughest and most ardent defenders, but so far they have inflicted worse damage on its security and its future than its enemies ever could. By treating a Gaza-bound aid flotil... Read more

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By Adam Nagourney, Jim Rutenberg and Jeff Zeleny The New Yor Patrick Healy contributed reporting. ,News Read more


Michael Gray’s Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes (Bloomsbury)reports on the life of Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes ,Books Read more


The highway’s full of gamblers, you’d better use your sense; take what you hav ,Wellness Warriors Read more

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