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George Raab is a talented and influential, though often overlooked local 20th century artist. His legacy is upheld by the Landmarks Gallery through February. Read more

Visual Arts

Since 1979, Racine's Wustum Museum has sponsored the triennial “Wisconsin Photography” exhibition. Considered a portfolio review for state artists, the exhibition allows each artist to submit up to 10 prints for this prestigious show... Read more

Visual Arts

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Visual Arts

Jason Powell, from the local sketch-comedy group The Show, has written a new piece that can only be described as a romantic sci-fi musical comedy: Invader? I Hardly Know Her!, which runs through Sept. 26 at the Alchemist Theatre in Bay View... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Some artists don't offer up their secrets too willingly. Such is the case with Dennis Balk, whose work is currently on display at Inova/Kenilworth (through April 5). Balk deploys a vast arsenal of media and discipline,Art Read more

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