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It is a strange, strange world indeed when powerful Republicans fight to undermine Republican prosecutors attempting to uphold the rule of law. more

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Wisconsin voters must reassess their priorities after the re-election of Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler, an openly unethical member of the equally unethical five-justice right-wing majority, who ran unopposed. The only way to reverse... more

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The U.S. Supreme Court missed a major opportunity to clean up our elections system—and the judiciary—when it declined to hear an appeal of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision shutting down the long-running John Doe investigation into Gov... more

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Last week, in more than a thousand pages of leaked documents from The Guardian U.S., we got a fuller picture of Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign operations and what prosecutors called a “criminal scheme” meant to circumvent the state’s campa... more

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Federal Judge Lynn Adelman dismissed Cindy Archer’s suit alleging that DA John Chisholm and his investigators violated her rights by searching her home to seize evidence of corruption in Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County executive office. more

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Penokee Hills stand as a reminder that people who care about natural resources can still win against sleazy politicians on the take. more

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When you are a corrupt Republican justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court writing a decision to halt a legal investigation into possible criminal activity by your state’s Republican governor, it’s probably not a good idea to bring up Waterga... more

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It was almost inevitable that the Wisconsin Supreme Court would rule in favor of Gov. Scott Walker and his campaign allies and shut down the John Doe investigation into their potential crimes. more

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In heavily redacted documents released by the state Supreme Court last week, new details emerged about the John Doe investigation into the coordination between Gov. Scott Walker and allied conservative groups during the 2011-2012 recalls. B... more

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The state Supreme Court has canceled oral arguments in the John Doe case involving Gov. Scott Walker and his allied special interest groups, Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. Critics say the decision isn’t ... more

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Gov. Scott Walker and current Republican legislators for months have been the subjects of a John Doe investigation into possible criminal violations of campaign finance laws. more

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Last week’s unanimous decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take on three cases relating to the John Doe investigation into the political allies of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is ostensibly about campaign finance laws. But it also sho... more

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The John Doe investigationis back in the news, which should bring with it a close examination of theway that the Wisconsin Club for Growth moved money around during the 2011 and2012 recalls.Prosecutors say itcoordinated its efforts with Scot.. more

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With just three weeks to go before ahigh-stakes, hotly contested election, George W. Bush-appointed U.S.Judge Rudolph Randa went rogue—again—and spiked a state campaign law. This isn’t the first time Randa’stried to do away with pretty much a.. more

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On the campaign trail, Gov. Scott Walker and his allies keep insisting that “it’s working.” Is that true? Take a look and see if Walker’s Wisconsin is working for you. more

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Last week, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a major blow to Gov. Scott Walker and his political allies more

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Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm scored a big win in federal appeals court last week, which apparently has created a new wave of desperation in the allies of Gov. Scott Walker. more

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The latest attack onDemocratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke as a plagiarist is so absurd Ihesitate to write about it. What’s so ridiculous and hypocritical is that ScottWalker and his allegedly independent supporters copy each other all t.. more

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