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“The cannabis industry should be considered a legitimate business; it’s not just a bunch of hippies or potheads,” argues Andy Gould, co-owner of Wisconsin Hemp Scientific. Read more

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While antiquated regulations are stalling pharmaceutical research, the legalization of hemp and the rapid popularization of CBD products is drawing attention to the medical potential of the compound. Read more

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“Wisconsin was once one of the largest hemp producers in the nation. I’d like to see that happen again,” says Sam Ward of Partnered Process. Read more

Cannabis Connection

“Like craft breweries creating their own craft industry, I feel that the hemp industry can be the same,” says Janet Gamble, co-founder of Turtle Creek Gardens. Read more

Cannabis Connection

The 2018 farm bill looks like a big win for the hemp and CBD industry, which has been booming in Milwaukee as of late. Read more

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Five decades ago, songbirds were dying by the dozens, eagles were vanishing, and humans were endangered by eating fish contaminated by the pesticide DDT. Does the fight against that poison offer us still-relevant lessons? Read more

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