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Controversial proposition for major renovations of the Milwaukee River Parkway could destroy the historic integrity of Kletzsch Park and damage its natural ecology. Read more

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You can’t just throw anything old into your recycling bin. Read more

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Five decades ago, songbirds were dying by the dozens, eagles were vanishing, and humans were endangered by eating fish contaminated by the pesticide DDT. Does the fight against that poison offer us still-relevant lessons? Read more

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The increasing popularity in the Milwaukee area of urban wood for building material is a homegrown success story. Read more

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Since its inception in 1973, the Endangered Species Act has been left largely alone by Democrats and Republicans alike. Until now. Republicans are attempting to weaken ESA protections. Read more

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Concerns over environmental impact, water usage and traffic backups are at the forefront of many minds across the region, as Foxconn plans to finish its Mount Pleasant manufacturing campus in 2022. Read more

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Joining the zebra mussel and other unwanted invaders in the Great Lakes region is the New Zealand mudsnail; it has recently been discovered in Wisconsin rivers. Read more

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Republic politicians in Wisconsin would like to assist foreign investors in lowering environmental standards that protect the state from water pollution resulting from mines. Read more

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