Wisconsin Economic Development C

The Foxconn deal signed by Gov. Scott Walker and cheerfully embraced by President Trump looks like one of the biggest swindles in American history—a scandal just waiting to happen. Read more

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The GOP-supported Foxconn deal is potentially bad for Wisconsin’s assets, especially its natural environment. Read more

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Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha), a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation board member since its inception, says the agency’s problems are rooted WEDC’s structure as a public-private or quasi-governmental entity. Read more

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Female entrepreneurs should check out the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation’s (WWBIC) Strong Women Strong Coffee event on June 10. Read more

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It’s now obvious Walker’s spectacular failure at job creation in Wisconsin wasn’t simply the result of incompetence, but the consequence of a politically corrupt jobs agency intentionally funneling money to large corporate donors instead of... Read more

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Over the weekend, the Wisconsin State Journal reported a bombshell: WEDC gave a $500,000 unsecured loan to a high-dollar Walker donor’s company after that company couldn’t secure a loan elsewhere. Not surprisingly, the company defaulted on ... Read more

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Add outsourcing loopholes to the list of complaints about Gov. Scott Walker’s flagship job creation agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011 with an ambitious agenda. He quickly “dropped the bomb” on the state with his public employee union-busting Act 10. He also said he’d make good on his promise to create Read more

Issue of the Week

Reaction to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker being named the sixth worst governor in the nation by a non-partisan, national organization tracking ethics in government Read more

Taking Liberties

So, is it possible there’s a new, improved, more moderate Gov. Scott Walker who’d like to teach Wisconsin to sing in perfect harmony and wants to buy the world a Coke? Read more

Taking Liberties