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The Wisconsin Supreme Court race comes down to a choice between an anti-LGBTQ bigot (Brian Hagedorn) and a deeply experienced, community-minded humanitarian (Lisa Neubauer). Read more

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The final proof of how terrible a candidate Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn is for the Wisconsin Supreme Court is that even Republican business lobbyists are publicly fleeing from his candidacy. Read more

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Republicans desperately need to restore integrity to conservatism, but that won’t be possible until they stop intentionally appealing to white supremacists and trying to destroy fundamental principles of democracy and equality. Read more

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Wisconsin voters can begin restoring integrity to one of the most corrupt state courts in the nation by electing Rebecca Dallet on Tuesday, Apr. 3, thus serving notice they’re coming for any Republicans in November who fail to stand up against ... Read more

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The Shepherd Express interviews Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Rebecca Dallet and strongly encourages readers to get out and make their voices heard. Read more

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Wisconsin voters must reassess their priorities after the re-election of Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler, an openly unethical member of the equally unethical five-justice right-wing majority, who ran unopposed. The only way to reverse... Read more

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Rebecca Bradley’s radical anti-gay writings prove that she doesn’t deserve to sit on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Read more

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Although she’s taken just a few votes as a state Supreme Court justice, Rebecca Bradley has set herself apart by ignoring precedent about when a new justice can join a case so that she could trample on the Constitution and give the police b... Read more

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When you are a corrupt Republican justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court writing a decision to halt a legal investigation into possible criminal activity by your state’s Republican governor, it’s probably not a good idea to bring up Waterga... Read more

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It was almost inevitable that the Wisconsin Supreme Court would rule in favor of Gov. Scott Walker and his campaign allies and shut down the John Doe investigation into their potential crimes. Read more

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The state Supreme Court has canceled oral arguments in the John Doe case involving Gov. Scott Walker and his allied special interest groups, Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. Critics say the decision isn’t ... Read more

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It wasn’t terribly shocking that state Supreme CourtJustice Ann Walsh Bradley won re-election and will serve another 10-yearterm on the court. She hadname recognition, a lot of good will behind her, and a well-organizedcampaign. In contrast, h.. Read more

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley faces Rock County Judge James Daley on the April 7 ballot. Experts expect special interest group money to flood in before the election. Read more

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On Tuesday, April 7, Wisconsin voters will be asked to amend the state constitution again, this time to change the way the state Supreme Court selects its chief justice. The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s most senior member automatically becomes... Read more

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Lori Compas of the Wisconsin Business Alliance contacts local chambers of commerce in Republican districts to see if any want a right-to-work law, being pushed in the state Legislature by Republicans and the WMC. Compas could not find one l... Read more

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Last week’s unanimous decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take on three cases relating to the John Doe investigation into the political allies of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is ostensibly about campaign finance laws. But it also sho... Read more

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The John Doe investigationis back in the news, which should bring with it a close examination of theway that the Wisconsin Club for Growth moved money around during the 2011 and2012 recalls.Prosecutors say itcoordinated its efforts with Scot.. Read more

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We Energies’ proposal to change the way it bills all of its customers and add new charges to solar system owners isn’t terribly popular. Testimony at the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) Milwaukee hearings on Read more

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We’re back with the latest installment of You Be the Judge, where our team of independent fact-checkers looks at a claim, puts it in context, goes beyond the carefully worded claim to break down the issues Read more

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