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Currently, only individuals 25 and younger at the time of their offense and only if they committed misdemeanors (or very minor felonies) can seek conviction expungement; this is unfair and needs to change. Read more

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When Milwaukee County officials tried to increase local sales taxes in 2008, they gave the final say on the proposal to state lawmakers. Many now think that was a mistake. Read more

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The forum’s “Municipal Datatool,” released in July, is an online database offering a trove of information on everything from municipal spending and debt to income, population and property taxes. Read more

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Rob Henken says his group’s series of reports should be viewed as a call to action, not a threat, to those who value Milwaukee County parks and other cultural assets. Read more

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While pursuing revenue for the county, County Executive Chris Abele proposes the sale of county parks. Read more

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Milwaukee needs to explore new ways to pay for the city’s continued growth. Read more

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Local initiatives and municipal ordinances are key in the application of marijuana legislation, but it can also result in discrimination and abuse. Read more

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The Wisconsin State Legislature may finally inject some common sense and compassion into our criminal justice system through good ol’ record-scrubbing expunction reform that could benefit thousands of people. Read more

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As long as Wisconsin’s elected public officials aren’t greatly increasing their support of local road projects, it’s hard to believe they would have ever halted the ongoing general trend toward the adoption of county wheel taxes. Read more

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“Can the county afford a park system as extensive as it is today?” asks Wisconsin Policy Forum’s president Rob Henken. “Can Milwaukee County government continue its current level of support for things like the zoo, museum and the Marcus Center?” Read more

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The city has embraced BIDs in the past, but new legislation that limits their funding could have a negative impact on Milwaukee. Read more

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