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The governor ran on a promise to legalize medical marijuana and to put recreational marijuana to vote through a statewide referendum. Clearly, this didn’t work out quite as he had hoped. Read more

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Two major off-year state elections—one in Virginia and the other in Kentucky—should have made the blood of Wisconsin Republicans run cold heading into the 2020 elections. Read more

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In an exclusive interview, Chuck Chvala discusses the most important issues facing Wisconsin and the challenges Gov. Evers faces. Read more

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The Shepherd Express speaks to Rep. Evan Goyke about the ongoing debate within state government concerning the Wisconsin budget. Read more

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Legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin might bring in more than $140 million in taxes and save tens of millions of dollars in law enforcement costs. Read more

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Saving Our Democracy’s list of political and social justice events taking place in and around Milwaukee for the week of Dec. 27 to Jan. 9. Read more

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Milwaukee-born Frederick P. Kessler has earned his bid for re-election to the Wisconsin Assembly. Read more

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Supreme Moore Omokunde is running for the seat currently held by the retiring Leon Young. Omokunde says he named his campaign “Supreme for the People” because of his mission “to serve the community and [his] neighbors.” Read more

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"Wealthy corporations have rigged the system and taxpayers are left footing the bill," Wisconsin's Senate Democratic leader writes. Read more

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Madison is considering a pair of bills that could reduce LGBTQ protections from discrimination; an HIV/STI cluster in Milwaukee is being ignored by churches; and two Milwaukee Common Councilmen abstained from a vote on banning conversion ... Read more



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A bill on housing and construction—AB 770—heading to the Wisconsin State Senate and Gov. Scott Walker’s desk, is full of unintended consequences. Maybe the Legislature should reconsider? Read more

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Can Wisconsin’s political leaders muster the will to work together to reform the state’s expensive and ineffective prison system? Read more

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Democratic wins in the recent Virginia elections and elsewhere in the U.S. are good news for Wisconsin. Read more

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Would you even bother to vote if you knew, before election day, that your preferred candidates’ opponents were essentially guaranteed election victory by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling? Read more

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During his two terms as governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker has directed state resources to tax cuts for the wealthy rather than investment in education and the state’s future. Read more

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Under the guise of passing a Balanced Budget Amendment, Republican Party conservatives and other right-wing extremists are pressing ahead with plans for a nationwide constitutional convention that could change the structure of government an... Read more

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